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Stronger Back?


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Okay, now that I'm progressing along to where the legs are okay, abs - well, okay, gluts - okay, I'm finding I need to strengthen my back. It is getting there, slowly, very slowly, but I have always had much more strength in my legs than my upper torso. Typical female. This is obvious when doing fouetté rond de jambe en tournant, not that I do a lot of them, but this is now where it is most obvious. That and when I attempt entrechats - my arms tend to wiggle too much. I need to be able to hold my upper torso tighter, and I would like to know if any of you have any ideas as to how to strengthen this area? Thank you. :yes:

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I'm trying to picture what exactly a fouetté rond de jambe en tournant is....getting a brain cramp...


Otherwise, I think you may be wiggling in the upper body because of excess tension there. The legs really do all the work in petit allegro steps. Put the tension in your legs. The upper body should appear relaxed. Your legs may be getting fatiged so it shows up in your upper body. The feet and legs may not be as strong as you think. I usually pretend to point my feet at the floor when I jump. So instead of jumping "up" and letting the shoulders raise, I point my feet "down" at the floor. and it's really no great feat of strength to keep the shoulders down and the arms and head softly doing the correct port de bras.


I bet you plie down and releve up. You should plie up and releve down.

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Knock Knock( please delete if inappropriate)


Here is one we do in my classes. Lay on your stomach on the floor, with your hands clasped behind your back. Without using your hands or your legs lift up your chest several inches from the ground and lower. Make sure you are using your back to lift your chest and not pushing the ground with your stomach. repeat. I hope that I explained this clearly and it helps. :clapping::yes:

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