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Victor Ullate School, Madrid

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Does anyone or has anyone currently or recently studied at Victor Ullates School in Spain?

Is it like Steps where you can go in and take open classes or do you have to enrol in the summer program?


I am thinking of taking a vacation there and would love to visit the school. I have emailed them but did not get a response.


Does anyone know how would be the best way to get a brochure or information. The Website is a bit confusing and deals mostly with the year round program.


Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. :yucky:

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Memo, you might try this European dance magazine: ballettanz the site is in either English or German. It is billed as "Europe's leading dance magazine. There is a site map...and likely some contacts, too. Let us know what you find out, OK? :yucky: They also have a message board as part of their site.

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No luck cannot find anything. I found the website but nothing on the school. I have sent an email but did not get anything back.


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I don't know anything about the school itself, but I do know that my teacher is a guest teacher there occasionally. Her name is Menia Martinez, and she's a wonderful teacher. I'm pretty sure she teaches there in summer, as we always get different teachers in summer.

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I am looking for a ballet school in Europe, and I wondered if anyone has studied at the Victor Ullatte School or could put me in contact with someone who has studied there. Which of the teachers were particularly helpful? Is Spanish needed (I speak English, French and Italian). Did Mr Ullate give corrections? How large are the classes? Are there any performance opportunities?


There also is a summer intensive and I wondered if anyone had attended that? Any information or guidance that you can give me will be appreciated.


I will be 17 in the fall and it would not be a problem for me to complete my high school education while abroad.



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Victor Ullate used to have a website for the school but I can't find it.He used to post all the teachers for the SI on it. He usually brings in teachers from Cuba and The Dutch National Ballet (HET).During the school year though, his advanced class is in the mornings and he doesn't always teach the class.My dd studied there for 6 years but when she got to the Inter-Advanced stage, I felt that she was just thrown in a class that was way over her head and she wasn't making any progress.Parents were under no circumstances allowed to watch a class. If you read some of the biografies of the dancers that he has turned out-and no doubt he has a fantastic track record-you'll see that most were in his company dancing professionally before they "made it" in the big name companies they are at now.Most of these well known dancers were in his company from the beginning and most were only about 16 when they went pro. Now he doesn't audition anyone under 20 or 21.

Most Spanish dancers would die to be able to study in the States.And although there are many excellent schools in Europe, Spain just doesn't have the infrastructure to accomodate serious pre-professional dancers.I recently read an article by Tamara Rojo.She said that she very rarely comes to Spain on vacation because there are no open classes to take that satisfy her.So she vacations en Havana, New York,etc..

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Thank you Miyamura for taking the time to reply to my inquiry about the Victor Ullate School. You gave me a lot of good suggestions, and when I have thought about them for a while, I may post a few more specific questions. Again, thank you for your help.


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If you are looking specifically for a school in Spain, have a look at Institut del Teatre at Barcelona. Language of instruction is Spanish

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I visited his site earlier in the year, I will see if I can find it.

I was interested in visiting there this summer. I called and e mailed (in spanish) but never got a response. :unsure:

Angel Corella did study there but did not have a lot of great things to say about his experience that almost made him quit because although he was young he did not get offered any parts. He than entered an international ballet competition which he won and that lead to his audition for ABT. He has spoke of it quite alot and I have read articles about it. (He explains it on the dvd "Born to be Wild")

I will try again to locate the site.



ah here it is



Mostly about the company from what I can tell :thumbsup:

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Hi, I was wondering if the Victor Ullate School of Dance takes foreigners into his school and also if anyone had information on the school or anything to comment on it.

thank you

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, joowieshin! We do actually have a thread/topic about this very program. Why don't you click on this link below, and then after you've read what's posted there - please post any questions or comments about the school on that topic. :)


Victor Ullate School of Dance in Madrid, Spain


I also hope you'll stop by the Welcome forum and introduce yourself when you have a moment. :wacko:

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Hi just wondering if anyone has more recent experiences/knowledge of this school? 

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