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The Joy of Returning

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I made the drive yesterday evening. I circled the downtown blocks several times until the one way streets cooperated with me and I found parking next to the correct building, not free, but close! I went into the studio that had a couple of adult women in it and asked if I was in the right place and had the most wonderful warm welcome anybody could imagine. The teacher was not yet there. The women introduced themselves and made me feel like I was in just the right place.

This was supposed to be beginning ballet. It is 90 minutes and one was welcome to take just the barre. Good thing for me since it has been so long. Good thing since I also found that was no place to bring anybody that was a true beginner. It is a wonderful place to be as an adult with a background. It was physically and mentally challenging. The adult beginner class I had 10 years ago was not as mentally challenging and it was taught by a RAD curriculum teacher.

This class simply expects one to know what one is doing generally and when there is mass screw up the teacher explains things. He is kind and teaches with humor.

Things move along quickly. I was breathing hard at the barre about halfway through. I can still move today and I am thankful for that. Of course we did not have 32 repetitions of anything all at once....Thank Heavens.

I was very pleased to overhear the teacher tell another student he wants her to come twice a week if possible. The other class is an intermediate level. The other students tell me that is flexible though, depending on who shows up. I may not be up to that just yet but I would sure like to give it a shot and find out.

I wasn't exactly keeping up with everything yesterday either but I remembered how to do most of the exercises. A quick pirouette at the barre was just a disaster. Then there were a few times I thought my legs were doing just fine when I then realized my shoulder or arm was inventing some new movement or position that wasn't pretty.

At least there wasn't any personal correcting going on on my first day.

I am so glad to be back.

I wanted to go hug that teacher on my way out.

I refrained. I know all you teachers thank me for that.


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Good to hear! Good luck in further classes.

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Welcome back to the wonderful world of class, Laschwen! :D

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Welcome back to ballet & glad you found a class with a warm welcome!

I know that made all the difference for me in mine. It is nice to find teachers who actually enjoy teaching adults and encourages them to take more classes too.

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so glad you made it back laschwen :D

i think the hardest part is plucking up the courage to get back to class, once you are there you can start to enjoy :flowers:


sounds like it was a good class and a positive experience too :)


let us know how things go - how regular do you plan to take class?


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It's good to hear about great classes for us adults! Glad you could find some kindred souls. Enjoy! :)

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I think putting on the leotard and tights and just going in there are the hardest parts. But class is so wonderful. I'm glad you found a wonderful place. Keep going!

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