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Books: The Art of Making Dances

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This is a book about choreography, and I was wondering if anyone has read it. I would like to get a good book about choreography, and I just ran across this title. If you have another suggestion for choreography books, feel free to list it here as well. Thanks! :green:

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There are not many books on choreography, but the Humphrey one should definitely be on your list. Also have a look at


Blom & Chaplin (1989) The Intimate Act of Choreography


Smith-Autard (2000) Dance Composition



and if you are interested in improvising


Minton (1986) Choreography, a basic approach using improvisation


Tufnell (1990) Body-Space-Image: Notes towards improvisation



They are all more or less easy reading. If you want some more academic (but practice-based) reading try journals: Research in Dance Education, Dance in Education, etc. There are often research articles about choreography and methodologies are quite applicable in the classroom.

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Thanks so much for your reply! I have heard of a couple of ones that you mentioned. I'll add them to my "to read" list.

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