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The New Ballet School (f/k/a San Jose ne Silicon Valley Ballet Scho

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Does anyone have any knowledge about this school? I see the new director is from the Royal Danish Ballet and is Bournonville trained.



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While you're waiting - here's what my search brought me: Ballet San Jose. You'll have to take your time and scroll through because I used the option to search the whole thread and show by posts. I hope it will be of some help.

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Yes, I have looked at that. I was wondering if anyone had personal experience with the school and or the teachers and director.

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The director of the school, Lise la Cour, has been there for a few years now. They do teach Bournonville technique. Have considered the school for my daughter, but she is happy in her present school and getting good ballet training. BSJSV (Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley) school offers a summer intensive each year.


Their website: http://www.balletsanjose.org/School.htm


There are several good ballet schools in the San Jose area, BTW.


BSJSV - the company - is a local treasure and deserving of support!

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My son has been going here for about 5 years and I have been thrilled with the quality of teaching and the caring that seems to run through the school and company.

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Several of the grads are current trainees or apprentices at Ballet San Jose. I know of one grad who went on to Butler (university) 2 years ago. I am sure the school could fill you in on other grads.


The company has shortened its name and is now Ballet San Jose. School is Ballet San Jose School.

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Any current reviews or info about this school? I've read the website thoroughly, but just wonder if there's any personal experiences anyone can share?

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My son was in the pre pro division here about 2 years ago. However,the school has been through some major changes in that time. Lisa La Cour is no longer the director, I believe it is now Dalia Rawson directing. My son's main teacher was Mads Eriksen. He is still there and was an excellent teacher. They are also affiliated with A.B.T. and are including the A.B.T. curriculum.


The building is old but in my opinion very nice. Stairs seem to go up forever. The Ballet San Jose company shares the building with the school. While my son was there he was in the Ballet San Jose Nutcracker as a mouse. It was such an exciting opportunity for him to be able to perform in a professional ballet production. There are at least 5 studios that I remember. A couple small ones and 3 very large. I would suggest you make an appointment to tour the school to get more info. Only downfall is the parking situation. Most of the meters are 1 hour max. This is inconvenient. There is a parking lot across the street if you are willing to pay more.

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As far as I am aware, the new ballet school is what was formerly the School of Silicon Valley Ballet. Does anyone know what the caliber of training and future careers from that school is after the shutdown of their feeder company? Thanks!

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