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as you see this topic isnt really ballet related!!

i have an audition tommorow and was wondering your opinions?


basically the audition is for a local group of dancers who mainly perform for promotional events in the city.


im not sure if the ballet is an added benefit in this instance - not sure whether i will come accross too balletic during the routines we will be taught!! :thumbsup:


i think my performane is more polished and elegant, thanks to ballet but i dont think this is what they will be looking for :)


so what do you think - honestly?

play it down or use to my advantage?

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Why not? I`d definately try to audition- no matter if you fit into their concept or not. Just try it.

If they do not need you that would be what you expected.

But auditions are good for dance experience and smelling professional "air"- no matter if you are accepted or not.

If it is not extremely inconvenient or a special hassle for you I`d go for it.

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it will be modern hip/hop contemporary style - which i love. I have noticed other ballet dancers who take this style and the problem seems to be that with hip hop and modern - it needs to be sharper and harder if that makes sense!! :sweating:


So i guess i was worried that i will appear too delicate!


I am going for it even though i have a rotten cold! :shrug:


I figured i have nothing to lose :yes:

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Cassy, you will do fine!


I do modern/hip-hop as well! Me and my friend are trying to start a dance/cheerleading troupe... I think Ballet has helped me a lot, its built up my strength, flexibility, co-ordination and much more! Its a shame you don't live closer to me, you could have joined our group :)


All auditions are good experience!


Good luck!

x :clover: x

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thanks everyone,


well not sure what to make of it really!!


some of it i enjoyed - other parts i felt unsure, although its been a while since i have done anything like that - just thought id throw myself back in the deep end!!


still waiting to hear - if no phone call then not made it but who knows :blink:


one part was quite funny, we were doing corner work and were asked to do jetes (not sure of the correct spelling!) i was first in line and off i went, only to discover when i looked back that everyone else was doing split jump leaps!! (apparently this is called jete in jazz and there are other types of jete too i know!!)


so i had a good laugh at myself, did ok on the pirouettes though which are not usually my best feature!!


Jenny - i would love to join your troupe :D maybe when i get my car!!!?)

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