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Class timetable question

Jaana Heino

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I usually take 3 or 4 classes a week, 1.5 hours each, and so far this has been good for my progress. During the summer (starting next week) I am, however, going to attend a lecture series that will cut into my class time, meaning that some weeks I will only be able to get to class two times a week. I am worried about what this will do to my strength, but there's no helping it - the lectures are for my actual career and something I really want to do.


Now here is the question: on some days, it seems that there is a lower level class of 60 minutes in length right before or after my own level class. If I can only make it to the studio two times a week, would it be helpful or harmful or neither to take two classes (60 minutes basic work + 90 minutes on my level) in a row, compared to only taking the class on my level?


(This would only be during certain weeks, other weeks I will be able to stick to my regular schedule, as the lectures are given in these three-day modules with breaks in between. During July, I can take class normally, as the lectures take a vacation. :yes:)

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Take the extra classes. As you have been doing enough ballet, your stamina is more than able to cope with taking two classes in a row. I used to do this and it built up my strength. Plus with the extra classs being a lower level you can really work on placement and other issues that you may not have as much time for in your higher level class. Go for it :yes:

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Most days I take 2 classes in a row. Just listen to your body (especially in the 2nd class). Sometimes its better to leave out certain exercises instead of running risk getting injured.

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Xena, DSL, thanks. I know many people take two classes a row, but then again I have heard teachers I respect (also on this board) to say they do not consider e.g. two barres at a day necessarily safe, and I was wondering if that applies only when you take class everyday and the extra classes are above that, or also in general.

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I just can speak about dance training at tertiary level in the UK, but students here have more than 2 classes a day. IMO, it also depends if it is the same teacher or a different one. I have 2 classes in the morning and each teacher is doing something completely different - which is very challenging. Try it out and see how it goes. I think it becomes dangerous when you are not used to it. As I said before, you might want to skip some centre exercises if you think it is too much. Also, as Xena suggested, take the basic class to work on your technique :-)

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I think where we drew the line was on a third ballet class. Personally, I don't feel that two are necessary, in most cases, as I think any additional classes should be pointe or variations or pas de deux, or jazz or modern. However, in the case of only two days a week, I think the two ballet classes will be fine, especially if they are different levels.

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jaana, if it makes you feel any better I'm in exactly the same situation -- going from 4-5 classes a week to 2-3. I'm dreading it and I'm glad you asked the question, I'd been wondering the exact same thing this morning.

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Thank you, DSL, Ms Leigh. The other class should be quite different from mine, working on basic alignment and simple combinations, less stuff on demi-pointe (and they are definitely not on pointe yet), no or very little grande allegro, etc. I think I am much better in "listening to my body" these days, too, so I will give it a go. I am sure it will not be as good as taking three days a week :D , but maybe it will be something.

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you are all sooo lucky :D


i can only take two classes per week as that is all that is available to me where i live - couldnt find any other reputable teachers where i live and i dont drive :blink:


although my teacher is taking over a school a little bit further from where i live at the end of term, so this is extra incentive to pass my test - maybe then i could get three classes a week!!! :D

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Guest highkix

I used to have a situation similar to yours (Jaana) and I did take the both two classes in a row. The first one allowed me to concentrate on the basic things and my technique improved A LOT! Also my teacher noticed that I was motivated to improve and gave me so much more attention than before. Being well warmed-up was definitely an advantage on the latter class although especially the excercices on the center sometimes did feel a bit rough. Your stamina will get better, however, so I would definitely take the both ones if I were you!

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Thanks for the encouragement, pleiades, highkix. I'll do it, once the summer classes start.


cassy, I hope you get your third class! :)

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