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Ballet schools in California - Modesto

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Yes,we'll be there for the whole time. It should be great. Are you from Salt Lake City or Walnut Hill?

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Gina Ness

toedancer...I just wanted to address one of your concerns in your very first post. The school for which I teach has the little ones (pre-ballet) do a bit of "tap" at the end of their ballet lesson. They use the inexpensive shoes you can buy at Payless (so no major expense for parents) or there are plenty of freebies in the "shoe tote." The point of it is merely to do something a little different to keep their interest and for them to learn some rhythm...nothing more. And, I do not teach for a "dolly dinkle" school...


P.S. Also, you don't have to commute to San Francisco to attend a good summer intensive. There are good ones in the East and the South Bay.

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I am so glad that things are going well for Rene and Leslie. We live in SLC and he choreographed a piece for my daughter for the YAGP last year and won the choreography award at Regionals.


topazio---Who is your daughter going to be studying with this summer?

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Update on Juline.   David Arce former SFB dancer is now the ad.  We were very impressed by-their Company, And they have now have dancers getting into SI programs including SFBS and abt. 

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