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Need help to motivate dd

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First off, let me agree with the advice given to the original poster about letting her dd take a break. At her age, it will not hurt at all.


This whole topic of talent is one I have struggled with both my kids. My DD's artistic director says my DD has the best fast twitch muscle fibers she's ever seen (she's an amazing allegro dancer) and my non-DD also has it. They are both blessed in that whatever they try to do, they are usually very good at.


My DD started out as a competitive gymnast, and that is really where my love lies as well. She was so talented, a level 8 by the time she was 9 years old (level 10 is highest before going elite). Then she fell in love with ballet - heart was not in gymnastics anymore. There is just no motivating someone at a high level if their heart is not in it, so she quit gymnastics in favor of ballet. I knew not to push the issue. Then, after last summer, she really was dragging to ballet class, looking like her heart wasn't in it. I let her know right away if she wanted to quit, she had my blessings. You would've thought I'd ask her to cut her legs off. Turned out she had undiagnosed celiac disease along with a couple of other food intolerences that had made her malnourished. Now that her health is getting under control, she is excited about dance again.


On the other side of the coin, my non-DD has the worst habit of quitting when things get the least bit hard. She was on track to becoming a black belt in karate but has a LD & it was hard for her to remember all the katas, so she quit that. She also went through swimming, gymnastics, ballet, cheerleading, and piano. Her latest activities are baton twirling & soccer. So for her, I require at least a 1 year or 1 season commitment before allowing her to try something else.


In any event, the point is you have to know your child, when to push and when to let go. I try to stay far away from their activities so it remains "their thing" and not mine. :wink:

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Now that we know the original poster, dancingdaughters, had gotten what she considers helpful feedback and summer is almost upon us, I'm going to close this thread by wishing dancingdaughter and her daughters a wonderful summer whatever they all end up doing - swinging in the hammock, dancing, reading, swimming, running through sprinklers or ? :P:thumbsup:

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