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Leaving for residency

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My daughter has been settled in her residency program for two weeks now. This is her second year away and I found it so much easier after being through it once. The first year she was 3 1/2 hours drive away, now she is a 3 1/2 hour flight away. The distance isn't even presenting a problem, which I was concerned it would. She is really happy and I feel at peace. Of course I miss her but we talk everyday and it's just so good to hear the excitement in her voice as she describes her day. Our relationship has gotten so much closer and stronger with her leaving home so early. She appreciates her family so much more and when she is home, she is home --- which is just great for all of us. It is tough to lose her so early, but there are so many positives to focus on. One of the best parts is hearing her say how much she appreciates what we have done for her. All done for the sake of her continued love for dancing; superb training; a nurturing, stimulating and challenging environment; being with other ambitious and talented dancers; combined with the hope of a job there someday. We are really happy with our decision and would not want it any other way. I hope that all of your transitions go as smoothly as this one. I feel like I have done my part. I can rest now, the rest is really up to her. She has to work really hard to make her dream become even more of a reality.

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Hello, I have dd settled in her New England town (it's 2 weeks today we flew out) and it's soooo much better being on this side of the move! We spent a week out there together - a very nice week. We were both relieved to have her settled into a place actually able to have specifics confirmed and she could know what to expect - at least about some of the important things.


She has a nice, furnished small studio in an ideal location walking distance from the studio and anything else she may need. The bus stops right in front of her place and there is a stop right in front of her work too (she transferred her employment from home out to a store out there) - bus doesn't run on weekends very much so she'll need to use a taxi from time to time.


Since this is actually "real life" not in a residency community per se, we put out the word through our different groups of friends and acquaintances and found it's a small world indeed and located a variety of people around the area with connections to our extended family and friends. The people out there have been wonderful too - dd has many people she can turn to for anything she needs. She'll probably become friendly with some of those people, but what a wonderful sense of belonging, knowing there are a lot of people (even mere acquaintenances) who care about you and will be there to if you need something and some to extend actual friendship - it's like knowing you have money in the bank, better. This mom is truly thankful.


The dance part? Well, that will be for her to determine. So far reports are tentative, but good. It takes awhile to get acclimated to a new program, director, peers, schedule, etc.


We'll have the opportunity to visit her for a few days the end of October and then mid-December -- and yes, email and cell phones (calls and text) are invaluable!


Thanks for your support, encouragement and information (I found a number of your suggestions most helpful!) !!

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