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Has anybody any information on the MSc in Ballet at the University of Indiana? There is not much information on their website.

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Do you mean Indiana University? No direct evidence, but that would probably place the student into close proximity to, if not working directly with Violette Verdy! :)

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Yes I meant Indiana University. Does the curriculum focus on performance (if so why is it that a master of SCIENCE and not arts or fine arts)? Or is this a more theoretical program?

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Dance_Scolar_London, there are a few members of BalletTalk who are ballet majors at IU. Perhaps they may be able to assist you with the information you seek! I know they are doing Nutcracker right now therefore it may be a while before they are able to answer.

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I don't know this for a fact, but my theory on the "Sc." designation may have more to do with Indiana Education Law, or the course load/balance requirements of the regional blanket organization which accredits IU, rather than theory v. practicum. But I will say that I find that many degrees nominated to Sciences in the US tend to require more practical work and performance instead of theoretics.

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Thanks for your input. I will wait to get some more info then. I thought this Master might be an equivalent to dance history/ballet theory studies but probably its more performance orientated.

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My Pilates teacher has a masters in dance from Indiana University. I don't remember exactly, but I think she completed it within the last 5 years. I asked her yesterday if it was a performance-oriented or theory-oriented degree. She said definitely performance-oriented. In fact, she said IU's whole dance department was a performance-oriented program.


Everything anyone has ever told me about that dance program is that is more of a conservatory program than an academic one---both undergrad and grad.

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vrsfanatic thanks for the cue! it has been crazy here, I am sure joey has told you... they start reviewing applications Feb 1. I have asked a mentor up at Interlochen to pass the news of the opening around their circle. I hope you'll pass news of the open position on to friends.


Dance_Scholar_London, i have very little insight into the graduate work you can do at Indiana. There are no current graduate students at IU.


Major, your affinity of Ms. Verdy intrigues me. I cant help but wonder if you partnered with her once in the day... She is earthy in her suggestions when it comes to couples creating succesful Pas de Deux's. The straight boys jump in line to be paired with her girls. Perhaps there really was a time when it wasnt just talk :)

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Nope, Ed, I was a stand-in for Eddie Villella at rehearsals with the old Miami Ballet when they first did a four-act Swan Lake, and danced with Ms. Verdy at that time, but never onstage. She was also the Ford Foundation Examiner for the School of American Ballet, monitoring the "satellite" program that they had in the early 1960s. My first teacher's school was one of those "satellites", so I met her first in that capacity. (I have this tendency to become very fond of colleagues and co-workers, just as I'm very fond of you all!)

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Heaven knows I have more to say though, so if you are considering IU seriously PM me.




Dance_Scholar_London my colleague may be away from the computer through this week, if he is I'll mention it to him when I see him early next week. Sorry it took so long to get back, usually I’d say we are more “on the ball”

(no movement related pun intended there  :) )





I definitely will private you. Great that you have some insider knowledge :)

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HI Caitlin, Congrats on your scholarship to Harrt School, and best of luck to you in the IU audition. My daughter was in your shoes last year and while I don't really know what IU is looking for I can tell you it is a very hard program to get accepted to. They take only a few freshman each year and I know that the program has made changes in this year in several key positions. If you are coming to Indiana have you considered Butler? Very strong program in ballet. YOu might want to check it out if you're heading to Indiana. The two campuses are just about 2 hours apart. Goodluck!!

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I just got back from IU with my son. The dancers I have seen there look really good. Think SAB! Since Violette Verdy is head of the department and is a former NYCB dancer, she tends to be partial to Ballanchine. Many of the students that I saw were semi professionals: former apprentices and first year corp from companies. We are heading off to Butler this weekend.

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My daughter auditioned at Indiana last year and had heard some of the

same things re body type. She is tall and slender, so she thought it

was an advantage for her. However, when we were there, we watched

a class after her audition. We were both surprised to see that in fact,

the dancers weren't all Balanchine-like. To be sure, they were all fit

and many were thinish, but not all. We saw a range of body types.

The one thing the female dancers all DID have in common though

was excellent technique and control.


Her audition was conducted by Violette Verdy and she absolutely LOVED the class. The biggest problem with Indiana, at least last year, was

that they had VERY few spaces for new freshmen for 2004-2005. We

were told it was because they had lost fewer dancers due to contracts,

graduations, etc. I heard later they only accepted about 10 dancers

out of hundreds who auditioned. My daughter was not one of them

although she felt she had done very well. She believes that had they

taken a larger class, it would have made the difference for her.


I guess in retrospect, had we known the openings were so few, perhaps

we wouldn't have made the trip. I'd suggest calling and finding out

their enrollment situation and if it's better for this coming term, perhaps you should consider it. It seems a shame not to give it a shot if you're going to be so close at Butler anyway.


Best of luck to you!

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Guest FiveFTwo

This year is the same, they arent taking many freshman. I think its less than 20 maybe 10-15. And im going up to Butler the weekend before the Indiana Audition. I dont know if its worth the trip, although we already have tickets, its just such a hassle because every weekend including this past one, im going on a plane to different auditions until Feb.11. its very hectic and I think maybe i just shouldn't go to the audition.

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