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Students at Indiana regularly take part in the regional National Society of Arts and Letters Competition that is held in Bloomington at the beginning of each calendar year.


The somewhat informal competition this year was held on Jan 30, we are all out of staters so our parents didn’t get to see it. I talked to one of the faculty that was helping us and we thought it would be nice to have the variations online so our families, old dance teachers and friends could see what we've been up to.


What I am trying to say is; this website wasn’t really made to serve as a tool for perspective students. It is a service the students and faculty wanted to offer to our parents. However, choosing a college is obviously something I have been through and I think that ballettalk is a community that will use this resource well and respectfully.


My hope is that you will use this video footage as no more than a guide. This is only a small glimpse of what Indiana does and doesn’t have to offer. It would be ridiculous to base any decision solely on what you see here. While all of us are proud of our work I hope you will take into account that these variations were put together in 3 weeks. Each student was given either three of four 15 min coaching sessions, and had to find time to practice on their own outside of scheduled rehearsals.



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I am having trouble viewing the videos... the sound is working, but there is no video, just "Windows Media Player" against the black screen. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just my computer?

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the sound is working, but there is no video,


This is a good problem to be having becuase it means you are at least getting to the file. In most cases this suggests that your computer has the software to process the audio but not the video stream. Have you tried downloading the Windows Media Player 9.0 Video Codec (codec = compression/decompression)? There is a link of the font page.



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Thank you so much, the downloads worked! Also, thank you very much for sharing the videos with us, all of the dancers (including yourself!) did a wonderful job!

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Thanks for posting this! It was great fun to watch and especially to see you Ed!



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I've been really impressed with the girls from the studio that are/were up here. Meredith is great, and Jeanne-Ilean is equally astounding. they do good work, esp the tendus. I'm a big fan of their tendus



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Ed, thanks so much for posting the videos. I would be interested in hearing how this group of dancers fares in their quest for pro contracts. I'm assuming some are seniors or are auditioning at this time. Please keep us posted and best wishes in your own career endeavors!


Can you share what kind of support the faculty gives dancers as they prepare to graduate and look for a job?

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The faculty personally do what they can for us in terms of getting jobs. If Violette Glenda or GuoPing are familiar with the administration of a company we can ask them to call for us. It's not given that they will, but if they like the way you work they usualy do.


It is an aspect of the program that a lot of people think is not where it should be.

the students are working with the administration and trying to find a more established systemic way to place people in jobs. The understanding the students have with the administration is that those changes will come with the new director. It seems to me the students are clear that we want to push for bringing the directors of companies in to either watch in class or to instruct is around the time of a performance they could watch. Recently we made the point to the administration that it doesnt make sense for 3 or 4 of us to fly to auditions with $300 tickets and $50 hotel rooms each, when we could perhaps bring one person in to watch us and our peers for the same cost.

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Thanks Ed. I couldn't get the clips (couldn't download the media player since i don't have XP) but my daughter did at school and she thought the dancers were great. We will be taking a short trip to Bloomington on the 25th, not to audition since she is only a junior but to watch class and see the performance. (And also check out my old haunts, maybe the Alpha Phi house, etc. since it has been a long time since I have been back!)

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