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Do you know if this will be re-streamed tomorrow with the Dec. 6th cast? We have a dear friend in a lead role and would love to be able to see her.

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Thank you Sparkles, I caught the tail end of it but it looked wonderful. IU's Nutcracker was the first one I ever saw (I was a business major, hadn't even thought of dancing yet)!



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Yes all of the performances will be live streamed. They will be at 2PM and 8PM tomorrow and Sunday at 2PM. Enjoy! :)

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What a riot! To sit in my den and watch the performance live. My dd is performing right now at NCSA--I wish I could have seen her performance! :yes::wacko::cool2:

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I just finished watching the first act! Snow was wonderful. So busy looking for you sparkles - what role are you dancing. also looking for dd's other friend from HBA. so hard to tell. looking forward to the second act!!

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Because of the stress fracture I had in my foot as a result of The Four Temperaments in October I'm not in any dancing roles this year as I was not able to participate in rehearsals. You can find me in the party scene though as a mom! They changed my hair color so I'm a brunette :yes:

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Victoria Leigh

Just watched Act II. Very interesting. Really liked the Dew Drop, and the SPF hit a really beautiful balance at the end of the pas. Thought the flowers did very well. Is tomorrow a different cast?

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Yes the cast tomorrow afternoon is different. Actually I think most of the lead roles are danced by the same cast that did them last night.

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Victoria Leigh

I will look forward to seeing it tomorrow, then! Thanks, sparkles. I think it's really awesome that they are making these performances available in live stream video!

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Ms Leigh, there was a link to the program under the video. That was a nice touch. And, yes, another cast tomorrow.


It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours. :)

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Oh boy, it was great. I agree with you Ms.Leigh - very impressed with Dew Drop and Sugar Plum. really nice performance. So glad got to see it. What great technology. Wish all performances had this. Wouldn't that be something to see our dk's like this when we couldn't physically get there. my goodness, that would be amazing. sorry to hear about your stress fracture sparkles. I hope you are up and jumping soon. lots of love to you!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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Had to watch it stopping and starting--mostly stopping--as my computer couldn't seem to handle

the streaming. What I saw was interesting--especially when the dancers were frozen in time! And they weren't always frozen in the same position though I think they were supposed to be.

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I was able to just watch the 2nd act. My youngest daughters' friends from her class from last year at her pre pro school was in snow and flowers. I couldn't pick her out, but saw her in the cast that was listed. The dewdrop tonight had been at the school where I teach and was very talented already a few years ago.

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Sparkles, I too would like to say THANK YOU for putting this on here. One of DD's friends is a snowflake and a flower and we could even tell it was her! Nice touch being able to see the program too. I hope you heal quickly and completely. We are headed your way for the Feb. weekend audition. Watching this performance and seeing the high level of the dancers was very impressive. Thank you again!

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