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I have been told by a student at the school that out of 12 students, 6 have pro contracts, another a touring company contract for a musical and another with plans for law school. At the time I heard, the other four's plans were unknown. :D

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Forgive my ignorance and slightly off-topic question. What is the variation that Meredeth Strathmeyer performed? This might be a good one for me...

The tempo seems a little slow for Balanchine, but the style of dancing reminded me of him (with the hip jutting stuff), so I'm curious. It's very pretty and I liked the way she danced it :thumbsup: .


Nice brise vole, Ed! Good job. I'm very impressed with the quality of these variations with such little rehearsal. Not bad at all...

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I have started looking at options for year-round training for next year: the first place my teachers recommended was Indiana U. They were very impressed when the company here came to audition for Violette Verdy for a Balanchine piece.


The website mentions a pre-college program- does anyone know anything about their highschool-age pre-pro training?

Or, are all of the students who take day ballet classes at IU enrolled in the University, or seeking a degree?

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I was wondering if anyone out there has knowledge about how many new dancers

Indiana took for its freshman class in the fall. Last year, they were VERY tight

on acceptances due to more than normal not leaving for graduation, company jobs etc.


Was it still as competitive?

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I am not sure how many freshman were in the class this fall (there were I believe 47 majors this year), but when my (junior) daughter and I watched a class and went to the question and answer session this spring, we were told approximately 1 in 10 students are accepted from auditions. Not sure how many of those end up attending, or take a deferment, etc.

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I too was wondering about this, so back in February I emailed Charis Peden at Indiana's ballet department with a similar question of:


"Is there any information you would be able to give to me regarding the number of applicants you have for the Ballet Program each year, and how many are accepted?"


This is the reply I received:


"The ballet department does not have a quota for the number of students accepted every year, so the freshman class size varies considerably from year to year. Last year twelve were accepted (out of approx. 180), and I anticipate the class for this coming fall will be slightly larger, as we have two audition dates remaining."


Given, this information was about THIS YEAR'S freshman class (next year's sophomores). If you do the math, less than 7% of the auditioning students were granted admittance. Yikes, talk about competitive.

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I don't know if this information will be helpful but I attended the very first audition offered in October and I was accepted along with 2 other girls in the audition that I know of. Both of the other girls I know that got accepted will not be attending, and I havn't made my decision yet.

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That's okay, maybe someone else will know! Also are they girls or boys? I am just curious about the job market I guess!



1 boy at charleston. My understanding is that all are paid positions, generally people just stay to finish the degree if a job isnt paid. The girl at aspen/santafe is something of a trial run, just through Nut.

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