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Balletbooster would you happen to know who got a contract to KCB? I dance there and I am wondering who they are adding to the company this year! Indiana is one of my top choices for college, although I have a while to think about that because I am only going to be a freshman this fall. Hehe.

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Sorry, but I'm not going to post any more identifying information about these dancers. Just wanted to post the names of the companies where they were going, to help folks as they look at Indiana and their track record for getting their grads work.


Read the bios of the dancers next fall in the KCB program and you can find out that way who is a former INdiana student! :)

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I guess I will just have to wait till this fall to find out. They don't update the bios till this fall just to let everybody know so you don't go and read every bio! Ha! But I already know all the company so I just didn't see anyone new. Thanks anyway.

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Here is a little in regards to IU auditions and other stuff. I am not an official source, I don’t make any decisions but what I hear consistently is that there is not a set number.


They have optimal numbers, a departmental size that they shoot for each year. It fluctuates. 3 years ago there were 70 people, last year there were 47. This level of variance makes sense to me when I consider that…


I hear that they look for a combination of whatever in a dancer that will lead to a professional career. There is a precedent set, that each auditionee is expected to meet. They wouldn’t take the son of Baryshnikov (a chuckle here becuase William Barbee was put in this years party scene) if they didn’t think they could find him work in 4 years. And yet, whether they are “full” or not, if someone comes along that has a little something special or is clearly headed in a good direction they make every possible effort to make it happen.


My advice completely independent of whatever school you are auditioning at is not to worry about the numbers. If you walk in with the confidence of knowing you are the only person in the world that dances just the way you do and you show that you not only love it but do it well there isn’t a single person that wouldn’t kick themselves for not admitting you.


We, and adults especially, have all seen amazing dancers either technically or pyrotechnically brilliant. But when someone comes along that is simply solid and especially mature in their dancing the adults, in my experience, notice first and they really appreciate it.





LOL, didnt read above post from Dancer06

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If you walk in with the confidence of knowing you are the only person in the world that dances just the way you do and you show that you not only love it but do it well there isn’t a single person that wouldn’t kick themselves for not admitting you.


I love how you said this. Every dancer needs an extra boost of confidence periodically.

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2 w/Charleston Ballet, 1 w/Alabama Ballet, 1 w/Aspen-Santa Fe Ballet, 1 w/Kansas City Ballet and 1 w/Festival Rhode Island.


A few more girls secured some positions over the summer


2 others are at City Ballet of San Diego, 1 is at San Diego Ballet, 1 doing a tour of Casablanca with John Clifford

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Thanks for the update, Ed! Sounds like last year's seniors were quite successful in finding jobs. Please keep us posted. Your insights and direct knowledge of the IU program are extremely helpful! :ermm:

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Weren't the Cesbrons planning to leave this year and who is taking over as department heads?


The search for a new department chair has started, but no decisions have been made. The Cesbrons involvement is more limited this year, Virginia is on a leave of absence, and Jacques is teaching classes but not running rehearsals.

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I was wondering if anyone who has attended an audition for the Indiana University Ballet Department can elaborate on it a bit more: how many students attend each audition? do men and women audition together? who has taught the class, or who usually teaches? and any other audition specifics you can think of.


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I have attended the audition before (got in and deferred) and will be reauditioning in October. I did the audition 2 years ago but I hear from the admin there that it is the same. Men and women aud together. I think about 25 were in my audition. It was only about 1 hour and all on pointe.

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