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I guess it would be good to know if the offer to audition means she is at least close to what they are looking for. 

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Does anyone have any information regarding scholarships?  I know a student who attended and graduated (I believe 3 years ago) - from what I remember she said there were scholarships but they were not big game changers in terms of tuition reduction.  Does anyone have any current information? Wondering if they give out small amounts to many students or large amounts to just a few or not much at all (because they don't need to cause they are IU). 

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Last year, my DD submitted a video and was invited to an in-person audition. At that audition, she ran into 3 or 4 other dancers she knew from intensives, etc. The audition is very well run and I was quite impressed. She was emailed the next day with acceptance. (I think this is NOT the norm.) 
She was offered a merit scholarship and also an academic scholarship. however, as we are out-of-state, this did not do much to the bottom line. We went back to the dance folks and asked for more $$... they came through with about 25% more - nice, but still not enough. 

Long story short, DD had her dream opportunity come along and deferred.

Take aways
1. IU is very selective
2. They prepare their dancers very well
3. The double major/outside ballet is a compelling reason to consider the school
4. Don't be afraid of asking for more $$... and good luck! 

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Mdballetmom - Thank you so much for your feedback. (We are also OOS.)  Yes, I'm sure your DD's case is exceptional. 

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mdballetmom , I have a question about your #3 above:

Do you mean that it is possible/manageable to double major outside of ballet at IU? Can you speak to this point with any details, stats, etc. that you discovered during your daughter’s college admission process? My DD is just 15/10th grade so we haven’t done much of our own research yet, so any info you have to share would be helpful.

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Fouronlychildren, while you are waiting for a response, if you read back through the thread, you will get a much better idea about how IU works as regards second majors for dancers.

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My DD was accepted last year to several schools, IU being one of them.  They combine merit and dance scholarship money and they do not notify you of scholarship until after you are accepted into the dance program, unlike other schools that give merit with the University acceptance and dance scholarship separately after acceptance to the dance program.  The scholarship was small compared to other programs.  My DD knows of at least 2 other dancers accepted into IU who also received small scholarships.

Regarding the double major, perhaps others who are there can comment, but our understanding was that you could not get a double degree, you could get a "second area of study"  whether that is equivalent I am not sure, it did not sound like it.  

My DD ended up choosing a different program for several reasons, but specifically for the ability to get a second degree.


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I got past the prescreen video and I have my audition date next Friday.  I got a notification on my application portal today that said something along the lines of "Congratulations! You have been accepted to the IU Jacobs School of Music. Welcome to the IU family."  I'm unsure if that means that I got into IU just academically since I haven't had my audition yet.  I've heard that there have been cases where dancers are accepted only from prescreen but I find that hard to believe since IU is so selective.  Does anyone else have this on their application portal and have a better understanding of what it means?

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Well, I never got an answer to my question up thread, but upon my own research, I have learned some information about IU’s current degree options. This link will take you to a page that details the “Bachelor of Science in Music and An Outside Field (Ballet Emphasis)”:


This track would allow a student to take a minimum of 27 credit hours in an outside field. For those of you who have been out of college for a few years or don’t have current college students, a good rule of thumb is that most minors are around 18-20 credits and most majors require about 40+ credits (specifically in the minor or major area; the overall credits required to complete a bachelor’s degree are approximately 120). This is based on my ‘mom knowledge’ gained from having current college senior and college sophomore daughters; obviously it isn’t standard or set in stone— it’s just my personal experience. 

Thus, the 27+ credits in an Outside Field might be thought of as somewhere between a minor and a major. If a student were interested in a medical field, it would likely be enough to complete the typical prerequisite course work to apply to graduate programs such as PT/OT/PA/Medical school or to a second-degree nursing program. If this is of interest, I would definitely clarify exactly how it works in practice. 

The line, “Subject to approval of the director of undergraduate studies and the advisor of the outside field department or program” indicates there might be some hoops to jump through or some red-tape/bureaucracy to deal with. It’s probably quite do-able, but I would ask a lot of questions before application time so there are no surprises.

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Sorry I've not gotten back to you, but you are correct. The Outside field study is not specifically a second major, but is a concentration on an area outside of dance. During the audition presentation to parents/students... there were students who spoke about their "outside" field of study and clearly there are some fields that make it much easier than others. There's loads of info in this thread about it too.  Programs that have rigid course schedules (required labs etc) that may (most likely will) conflict with ballet and rehearsals will make those programs almost impossible to study. That said, DD has several friends in the IU program.

One piece of advice... if your scholarship award is less than do-able for you, do not hesitate to appeal. It may not help, but then again, it might. 

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More than a decade ago, I pursued two separate degrees simultaneously. One degree was in ballet and another degree was in mathematics through the College of Arts and Sciences. I also received a minor in contemporary dance. This was possible because I came in with quite a few AP credits and planned my four years carefully and I knew which degrees I planned to pursue from my first semester. I did take two summer classes to ease the load in my junior/senior year. Most of the people who were in the ballet program with me had an outside field, and many successfully carried that outside field into graduate programs in things like medicine, law, or PT school.

All that to say, it is possible to get dual degrees, but it took a lot of credits and a lot of planning. If the goal is to pursue graduate school down the road, it may not be necessary.

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Hi, my DD did the IU Jan. audition a few weeks ago. There were about 50 students (only 5 were boys).  It was rather crowded. They had lots of information sessions for the parents to attend to while their dancers were in the audition.  There was a general information session that addressed the BOSF option which it appears most dancers do. They had lots of current students speak which you could address questions to and many parents asked about the managing of their dance curriculum and an outside field. It was mentioned by many of the students the professors are very supportive of the dancers and understand the juggling of their difficult curriculum. There was even a dancer who is hoping to eventually go onto med school. 

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Hi!  Does anyone know if the audition day at IU includes a campus tour?  I’m confused by the email agenda.  We have a campus tour booked for Sat morning but will this be necessary!  Thanks!

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Hi Coconut1, IU offered two campus tours while my DD was there for her audition. However, they unfortunately were during other events so we had to chose. My DD wanted to watch the class observation classes so she was unable to attend any campus tour. We just walked around to get an idea of the campus. I will say that the class observation was very important for the dancers to observe as it gave them an idea of the level of students at the school as well as what the instruction was like. 

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Thank you, Nikknac!!  I guess we will keep the Sat morning campus tour!  Can’t wait although it’s going to be cold!!!

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