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For future reference, my DD’s audition was this past Fri. and only 3 teachers watched the audition including Sarah Wroth who taught.  Michael V was at YAGP.  There were 47 dancers.  Immediately after the class parents met up with their student to listen to a short q&a session with Sarah W and approximately 6 current dancers.  I didn’t take notes but from what I heard they expect 50% acceptance of about 40 offers ending at 20 or so dancers that come.  They do not so a full storybook ballet she said and they want to turn out American versatile dancers that can do anything.  These statements are just my interpretation so maybe someone else can also chime in as I do not have a dance background.    My DD was starving after the audition so we ran out for lunch and missed the class of current students you could watch which I feel was a big mistake on our part but you know how a hungry dancer is!  We came back and observed Sarah W conducting a rehearsal with 5 dancers creating some choreography.  The department was much smaller than I expected and was a hall with 3 studios and administrative offices.  Our hotel was the Hyatt Place Bloomington and was perfect in walking distance to fantastic restaurants and the famous arches.  IU has a special rate and the rooms are 2 queens with pullout sofa bed.  We went to a certain other institution’s midwinter performance that night and it rocked!

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Also, they said acceptances are rolling and the Jacobs College admission meets weekly to discuss and finalize and send it out via mail only but scholarships will be emailed between March 15-April 1.  There can be amounts from a few thousand to full rides plus housing.  Out of state can be a little higher in some cases because they said they know it’s more costly.  Good luck to everyone!

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Thank you Coconut,

My daughter was there herself and it is nice to hear your interpretation of her loose description. I think she stayed in your hotel!  She was impressed with the theater. I DO know that.

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Well this genius dance mom missed the tour of the theatre and building and I’m kicking myself.  The building is huge and there were tons of music/theatre auditioners and I was easily distracted.  They had a nice breakfast of coffee, bagels, spreads and danishes for everyone.  Should’ve had my game face on and stayed focused like my DD!  

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She submitted her video at the beginning of November.

She received an email on December 14th.

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Thank you 5678. Turns out my DD did receive her notice that she passed the pre-screen, she just hadn’t told me 🙄

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Anyone already turn in their audition video and hear back? How long did it take to hear after submitting?

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We heard back a week ago regarding a virtual meeting that will occur this Friday. But nothing specific .

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5678balletmom, when did your student turn in their video in relation to the reply you got back about the virtual meeting? TIA!


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My daughter got the same invitation to the virtual information session but has not submitted her full video yet. Did get past the prescreen. 

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2busy My DD turned in her video about 5 days before the invitation to the virtual meeting.

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