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On 3/19/2021 at 3:23 PM, CBrooks said:

Does IU Jacobs/Ballet program notify about acceptance through the GetAcceptd portal's messages feature, or the university application status portal, or some other way?

My daughter's acceptance came from musicadm (music admissions) and actually ended up in her spam folder for almost a week before we found it. 

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thanks Marzipandreams, Balletmom729 and MMPMom for the info. Email finally came today- dd got waitlist, sigh!  The email says they said they had an exceptionally high number of applicants, not surprising in this crazy year for ballet.  Wonder if anyone ever turns down IU?    

guess not too surprised about wait list, as acceptances and denials had already gone out, it was becoming nail biting to still be wondering.  thanks for being 'understanding' peers, there aren't a lot of parents out there who 'get' what we're going through as ballet parents! 🙂  

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Do not give up hope yet, there are indeed people who turn down IU  because of others choices, either a different University program or a Trainee or second company offer.


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My d still wants to attend I.U. especially after our tour last week. We are appealing the financial aid decision to see if we can get it within our range!

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Ooo, did you review her/your IU visit here? I enjoyed reading your recent review of another college visit. It’s so helpful to hear of others’ experiences. Thanks in advance for any info you can share. 

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Review of Indiana University:

Note: We could not get in on a campus tour. (They were full.) We walked around both day and night and felt really safe. We read all the signs and looked at our google maps for help.

1. Overall impression of campus: huge, beautiful, gorgeous buildings, really, really welcoming students and faculty.

2. Fantastic college town!! Loved it! Stayed at Graduate Bloomington which is only three blocks to campus. We found lots of good restaurants and charming shops etc. We were able to easily eat affordably and walk everywhere. We never used our car once we got there!

3. Sarah Wroth, head of ballet dpt., spent over an hour with us, talking to us outside the MAC, and we did get a peak of the theatre there. We could not tour the classrooms and studios. 

4. All of the Jacobs School of Music buildings are near each other which makes it easy for students to get around.

5. We heard they are grouping required freshman classes adjacent to each other so student get to know each other and don't have to walk far.

Great school!! Great campus!! Very big, but not intimidating!


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College decision made for my dd; unfortunately, not Indiana. It was her first choice, but we couldn't get the tuition down low enough. We recommend submitting college board scores, but Jacobs School of Music gives their own rewards for dance majors. We weren't able to get an academic scholarship as well to lower the cost. We are jealous of Hoosiers who get to attend this fantastic school at in-state rates!!! My dd will be at Oklahoma.

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Marzipandreams- I'm sorry she didn't get to take this spot! BUT she will have Such great opportunities at OU!!! They have a lot of great stuff going on! In addition to performing opportunities with OU, as you know there is the connection with OKC ballet, and this really is going to give your dd exposure to a professional company and possibly offers sooner than if went through 4 yrs at IU and then was seeking employment! I feel encouraged for her! Her talent is for real and I think it's going to be for the best! she's going to make it!! ❤️ Mama hugs- this season is making me go more gray than i already am, lol!

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Thanks, 2busy! I have faith that it will all work out for the best! Prayers are being answered!

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