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I also wonder about the staffing for the new program, as currently some of the teachers work with PP, as well as with kids in Classical program. Since these two programs are both in the afternoon and the locations are far away from each other, I wonder how it is going to play out. 

Another thought is that they are separating their Classical program from PP even more with this change. 

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On 11/8/2019 at 3:26 PM, Adf said:


But if the vision of Margaret Tracy is to get professional contracts for more graduates, somehow I think that might clash with the alumni/donors to the school. As why wouldn’t you attempt the same ( professional contracts In lieu of college)for the other art forms the school focuses on?


Because dance is the only art form where starting a career younger is preferable.  Musicians and artists need time to mature and receive college (and graduate) level training.  Even if they are strong enough to get a gallery showing or a position in an orchestra they would still be encouraged to complete college.  While dancers are putting off their small number of employable years. 

This program sounds perfect, Walnut Hill has beautiful facilities and combined with Boston Ballet instruction it sounds like there will be a benefit for both programs (more performances I'd guess than the BB dancers currently get and real academics at a program where they understand dancer schedules).  However, its success will be based on the ability to attract very talented dancers.  I do wonder if they are holding slots from the BB SDP.  There has always been an audition at the end of the summer program and I'd be interested if they are planning on pulling some of those kids. 

I would assume they will be moving their trainee program to be HS grads (which is pretty typical). 

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meatball77, I agree with your comments. The BBS website has been updated and it looks like there will not be any summer audition during the SI. I’m sure they may highly suggest some dancers apply at WH based on their SI experience. Returning WH and BBS deadline to enroll is 12/15 with acceptance going out late Feb-Early March. If new families are interested I suggest inquiry now. I loved the campus and the BBS teachers are great. My daughter has been very happy and has improved tremendously.  

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I’m interested to know about the performance opportunities for the new program. I know the website says that students will have the opportunity to perform in Boston Ballet’s Nutcracker - but how many? Most? Or 10%? Or will Walnut Hill continue their own Nutcracker production? I would be nice I think to give students lead roles in productions like these, especially if Margaret Tracy wants them ready for a professional career by graduation.

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Walnut Hill has put their Nutcracker on hold for next year, which is a bit devastating to the current students and community. It’s possible they do something different but we don’t know yet. They’ve told us they are working on a performance repertory and will have a tentative schedule out before holiday break in December. 

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