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Harlequin, thank you for asking! I've been at ASA for a month now and I love it! My ballet teacher is amazing and today I actually had a meeting with her where we discussed my progress. She's planning to evaluate me, as well as four other girls in December who are interested in moving up to the classical core level at sbaz  She encouraged me to keep working hard and to aim to audition for the pre-professional program next year. Nutcracker auditions at Ballet Arizona are this weekend and I'm really excited! I can't say much about my modern or Horton classes through due to the fact that both teachers have been out since the second week, but I'll be sure to update soon!  

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Thanks for the update! It’s great to see reviews that represent the ballet group of ASA :) Do you find the academics to be challenging?

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While I find the academics challenging, it's not in a bad way. I feel like I'm receiving lots of help in the subjects I struggle with and most of my classes are pretty engaging :) The homework load isn't too bad yet but it's still the beginning of the year.    

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