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Should I be brave?

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Just recently my eyes have been opened to the possibility of taking classes when I'm travelling for my work. So far it's worked well, did a very nice class in Washington recently and one in Brussels. Next week I'm in Edinburgh and couldn't find all that many places through my websearch. So one question is does anybody know of drop-in classes there? My second question is that Dance Base in Grassmarket does offer an adv/pro class. Now, I'm a solid intermediate, and if in doubt tend to aim for elementary because I'm a scaredy cat. So question two is how should I decide whether to be brave a struggle along with this class? I'm so torn between not wanting to make a massive fool of myself and not wanting to miss an opportunity to take class in a week that's very busy with horrid things like meetings and hospital appointment.....

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go for it - you cant lose!

i think we regret the things we dont do not the things that we try??! :huh:


i think a little nerves is good, you care enough to be nervous and it helps to keep us on our toes and strive for perfection :(

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definitely try it out! If it's too advanced, you could just take the barre. If taking class makes you happy, half a class is better than no class at all :)

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You could also try posting your question on Ballet.co.uk in the "Doing Dance" section. There have been some threads there about ballet classes in Edinburgh and at DanceBase, so doing a search there would turn up useful information. Ballet.co.uk is a lovely friendly board - just like this one! but focussed on the UK. I know I'm not the only one addicted to both boards ....


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