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Books for boys


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Was at a going out of business book store today and found 3 copies of this book




The copies were $3.20 each. I grabbed all three copies in case any one wanted a copy. I know there has been some discussion on there not being any books on ballet with the boys as the main subject. And this is a pretty cool book with the boy being in his middle teens and going to SAB in NY. I don't really want one so all three are up for grabs.


If any one would like one let me know and PM me you physical address and I'll send it off to you. Chris

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Knock knock

There are some copies at alibris, though one fewer than there were a few minutes ago. ;-)

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Guest arabento

Amazon still has some (one less). I got my used for $10.00 + S/H. THe new ones are $16.00. From the cover it looked interesting. I hope my DS enjoys it.

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addall.com is a consummate source for books. Check out the "Used & Out of Print Books" link on their home page. If the Amazon price is just too steep for you (despite it being the first resource to use in order to help Ballet Talk for Dancers), you can get this book for just a few dollars from one of the bookshops listed at addall.


I have this book and think it's good for boys. Lots of pictures, too.

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Not long ago, in my quest for online literature recommendations, I came across this site which appears to cover quite a few titles designed for or about young dancers.


I've found Abebooks to be an admirable source for second-hand and out of print books, many of which the above list would probably qualify as.


I've just acquired a couple of titles on the list, which while originally purchased sight unseen have turned out to be great help in encouraging my young protégé. True, a few other titles I secured were not as suitable for him (overwhelmingly pink things with lots of tutus and little else, which while highly desireable for many young girls are not really the sort of books to inspire enthusiasm in a young fellow), and a couple were perhaps a little too technical (more suited for his teenage years should he continue), but I was surprised at the diversity and quality of what did arrive.


There remains - I believe - a big gaping hole in the publishing world that needs to be filled with at least half a dozen books (over half a dozen years) about males in dance designed to encourage and inspire young fellows as adequately as the existing body of literature is there to encourage and inspire young ladies. The move "Billy Elliot" clearly made waves in that area, so for an author/photographer, there's clearly a market...




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Last I heard, he'd got into the Dutch National Ballet, then (2002) got into the Royal Ballet (London). :D

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A good book for boys is "Worlds Apart," by Robert Maiorano, former member of NYCB. It tells of his commuting to SAB on the subway from Brooklyn in the 1950s. The book has long been out of print, but I too am a fan of Abebooks.com, and last time I looked (a few minutes ago), they had seven copies of it.

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Guest sehoy13

One book my sons like is a non-fiction work, The Physics of Dance. One of the studios we go to keeps a copy on hand. We'll probably break down and buy a copy of our own this year.


And by no means am I suggesting that this is a book that would or should appeal more to boys than girls. I'm just saying my guys do enjoy this book immensely.

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