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I will be in San Francisco (right downtown, I think) in July. Does anyone have any adult classes to recommend? It looks like I will be free on a Monday afternoon evening, Tuesday evening, and possibly Wednesday afternoon.


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Check out San Fran Conservatory of Dance, which is in the city. Summer Rhatigan heads up this new dance studio and she's a fantastic teacher. (She taught a master class at my daughter's ballet school.) I believe she used to head up LINES Ballet's school and SI program and brought over some of LINES' teachers to her new school.



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7th and Market SF Adult dance (there are many posts with this so if you want more info have a search for San Francisco in the Adult Ballet Main forum and buddy forums.Check out thier website: http://www.linesballet.org/dance/


To get to this, get off on Market and 7th ,if you're taking public transport, the entrance is disguised to blend in unless you know its there. There is an elevator on the ground floor and you need to get in this to go up to the dance floors.

There is the SF Dance Academy further down Market literally just after the Safeway store in the Castro part of town. Both these places offer high standards of open adult classes.


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San Francisco Dance Center (same as Lines in Xena's post) is great. They have several studios and all levels of classes at all hours of the day. Easy to get to from the hotels downtown, just take the street car about two stops from Powell and you're there.

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Lines Ballet is a great place for drop in classes. DD has dropped in there many times in the advanced adult class. You will find all levels of "advanced". Some dance on pointe as well. Many times you will find a dancer from SFB taking a class. DD's teacher is one of the teachers for the advanced classes. He encourages his girls to come once in a while.

Drop in rates are very reasonable but parking is a bear. Best to take BART if you can.

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My favorite San Francisco studio is the Academy of Ballet at 2121 Market Street, closest cross street is Church. The directors are Richard Gibson (my teacher in my youth and one-time frequent guest instructor for SFB) and Zory Karah. Their website can be found at www.chamberdancesf.org. Click on Academy of Ballet. They offer a lot of adult evening classes as well as an open class at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday. The studio is close to the upper Market area, but is easy to reach by public transportation from the downtown. It's within walking distance of the beautiful old California mission, Mission Dolores. This studio has a lot of history. It was the only large space during the 60s and 70s that big touring companies could rent to use for rehearsal. When you walk into this old, spacious studio, you know that Ulanova, Plisetskaya, Fracci, Bruhn, Fonteyn, Nureyev, (well...you get the picture!) have all danced in that room. Alan Howard was the director of the Academy during these years, another of my teachers. It's a San Francisco treasure, as far as I'm concerned! All the previous suggestions are good, too...Good luck and have fun! :blushing:

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Lines and the Academy of Ballet are both excellent, highly reputable schools. Lines is year-round, with a more contemporary slant, and a wider selection of dance disciplines. The Academy of Ballet is strictly classical ballet; their summer session begins July 5th. The City Ballet School is also worth checking out. Their website is cityballetschool.org

However, I don't know whether they offer open classes during the summer session. The schedule on their website is not current. Perhaps someone else can chime in on this? Summer Rhatigan, mentioned in a previous post, teaches some of her open classes there, but has moved to the Regency Center on Sutter and Van Ness for the summer session. The City Ballet School draws heavily from SFB for its teachers; Joanna Berman, for one, teaches an open class there. It might be worth checking when you get here whether or not they have any open classes for the summer.

All three schools are on Market St. and quite easy to get to on public transportation from downtown. There are a number of smaller studios around the city if you have a particular interest, but they are harder to get to and run on more limited schedules.

If you would like to tell us more about your interests, I or someone else might be able to recommend some specific teachers. Otherwise, these schools are all very good about allowing you to observe any class you're interested in taking, if you're shy about just plunging in.

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