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Kate B

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Hi, I'm so excited because I have just booked myself in for a short intensive. I have done a kind of intensive before, at Easter, when I did one contemporary class every day for 6 days. This time I am going to do one ballet (RAD-elementary level) and one contemporary (Graham, level 2) class every day for 5 days. This will be 2 1.5 hour classes every morning with a half hour break in between. I've never done so much dancing at once but I really feel that it will help me improve a lot and perhaps help me get back to where I was when I was at my best.


I'm pretty much injury-free now (besides the lingering paranoia that it will return) but I would like to know what sort of things people would recommend for keeping well and not burning out during that time. It's not until the end of July, so I have time to train if there is anything extra I should be doing. Currently I do about 3 classes a week (a mixture of ballet and contemporary.)


Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted!

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Relax. Keep up your normal schedule, and you'll be able to do this one practically standing on your head.

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Cool. I was really pleased when I asked my teachers what classes to go for and they said I should take the intermediate ones and not the beginner ones, which I'd thought I was good enough for. I think I maybe underestimate what I'm capable of, which is why something like this will be good for me. Thanks for your reply, Mjr J.

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If your teachers advise you to take the more advanced class, I'd heed it. Just don't drop the frequency with which you take class. :o

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Where is this intensive? I can never seem to find any appropriate ones.

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It's here:




I love it at The Place. The teachers are fantastic. Sorry it's not in Scotland though. I used to live in Scotland, and the summer holidays were always so difficult because there was no dancing!

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I'm native to England originally and I have a lot of family in the Kent area who don't mind having me for a week or 2!!

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