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After about a month of sending ballet music requests to Itunes, they finally added some. I haven't gone through it all but I reviewed almost 1000 listings of ballet music. I am guessing that only half of the music is meant to be danced to. But of the music that is danceable is: A Balanchine Album, Music of the Joffery, a couple full versions of Copelia, and Swan Lake, lots of exerpts from Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Giselle. They have added some class music too. I noticed Lisa Harris, Angela Rinaldi, and Don Caron.


If people/teachers know which of these music selections are good to purchase, could you please share it with us? I thought the Angela Rinaldi class music sounds good.



ping :o

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I can't find the giselle without going back through all the listings. The Swan Lake however was done by Charles Dutoit.


Open itunes just do a search for ballet under all.

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That's funny you posted this, Ping. I just came across the Lisa Harris music when searching for something else recently, and thought it might be neat to have that on my iPod so I can give myself a barre at the gym every once in a while... It was kind of hard to tell from the brief excerpts what the tempos were like, so like you I'm hoping someone familiar with class music CDs will post comments. :thumbsup:

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Lisa Harris' CD's, as least the ones I have, which are quite old, have very short tracks. I never use them.

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This is interesting as I am a co-director of Whitefeather Productions, a ballet class music production company Whitefeather Productions. We've produced First Steps, Step Up, In Step and most recently Volatus and we were considering the option of having our music downloadable so a teacher could customize a CD from a list of music. We weren't sure how this would go over and from the comments I just read there might be an interest in something like that.

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That is so fab. I just bought an ipod in Chicago as it cost me only half the price as in London. I certainly will add some ballet :-)

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You need to remember that each country has a different Itunes store. As you can imagine the British one is quite a lot smaller than the American one.



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