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I've also been thinking the equestrian mom seems to be taking out her anger and bitterness against her ex in a way that will probably destroy any hope of someday having a good relationship with her daughter. Don't you wish you could just grab her by the shoulders, sit her down in a chair and say, "Now, listen to me for a minute, lady!"

( :wink: Sorry--must be letting some of my suppressed anger out. :thumbsup: )

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I missed all but the first episode, but just reading everyone's posts makes me sad. I did see a clip showing the football trainers talking to that little 8 year old boy as he cried... dancetaxi, you're right those "professionals" are obviously completely devoid of professionalism in its truest sense. Ugh.

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Actually, I think the football trainer is a pretty good guy. He pushes the kid, but is not without humor and kindness. Witness his quote: "Now I've got to go bully an 8-year-old." Maybe you have to hear it.


The scene of him talking to the kid when he's crying: the kid was crying because he was embarrased in front of the camera crew. I thought the trainer handled it really sensitively.


This kid gets my vote for "most likely to suffer a stress injury", but not at all "most likely to get messed up emotionally." He seems to genuinely enjoy a lot of the training, and while it is way, way too much for a kid that age, there seems to be a lot of genuine love and mutual admiration between the dad and his kid.

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I totally agree, Treefrog. The football kid is way more likely to get done in because of injury (WHY doesn't that chiropractor say something?!). I have to say I was impressed with the clips I saw of him playing in that most recent game (great instincts and speed), but oh, how I wish someone would sit down with dad and explain the "slow boil" philosophy to him. A kid does not have to be taking hard hits all throughout his childhood in order to make it as an adult football player: he needs a range of physical and mental activities to build fitness, develop stamina and avoid burnout. I have never heard a good argument for specialization at such a young age!

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I was at a baseball game last Friday with moms who daughters are on the cheerleading comp. team with Sarah (the cheerleader on the show) and in a few of the scenes. They kept discussing how the cheerleading mom is being unfairly protrayed and that she is the most giving, loving, kind, etc, etc, etc, person. I almost expected a shrine to be build in her honor by night's end.


For once in my life I didn't say anything because it dawned on me that it wouldn't matter. Their daughters were reaping the benefits :mondieu: of being associated with the cheerleaders and they are in the midst of their 15 minutes of quasi fame.


One of the funniest part of the conversation was two of the moms discussing public school dress codes and how girls dress like ****s. I kept thinking of those cheerleading costumes and bumps and grinds. Hmmm, confusing to me. :blink:

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Playing devils advocate here... :blink:

Could it be possible that the camera's and editing department are portraying the cheerleading mom as a bit more fanatical than she really is?

I have been watching the program and definetely have my opinions. I do feel the cheerleading mom is a bit over the top. Although....with a parent who owns her own dance studio, I am not surprised that her daughter is involved in the business. I know a couple of studio owners whose children took up dance at competitive levels just because it is what they were exposed to from the time they were born. They literally knew nothing else. Now, while I don't know any child who can decide her lifes ambition at 3 :o, I can see that the child is interested and seems, at times, to enjoy what she does.

I did hear a comment that was not explored on the show about how much and how many styles of dance this child is competing in. I vaguely remember hearing something about ballet in there.

The skaters mom has been absent, but there was one shot of her driving her car with a look like she just sucked on a lemon. Not very flattering and no reason as to her anger or whatever the look was supposed to represent. I am not very impressed with the skater himself. He came across as a bit spoiled. His snotty comment about his mother, father and brother came out of no where. His dad didn't seem bad at all. His request for his son to run his program through was not out of line. The boys response was rude and disrespectful.

It was great to see his grandma enjoy his skating so much but I didn't see any change in his skating with her there. It seems to me his nerves are his biggest enemy (besides crazy skate mom) and he is blaming everyone around him for his lack of experience.

I really have no comment about the football dad. I agree with Treefrogs comments about that situation.

The equestrians mom is a flake. I wouldn't want her taking care of my newborn. Those poor kids living the way they are is horrible.

How can you leave your children in a questionable area of town, alone, for over an hour while you plant a flower??? Divorce is no excuse for neglect. The daughter seems to have her head on straight. I feel so sad for her. Not just about her horse situation, but her life situation. I wonder where the father is in all this. Does he know what is going on? I am surprised he has not been brought into this.

It will be interesting to see how this all ends. I know for a fact that in at least one of the scenarios, it isn't a perfect ending. :mondieu:

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DD and I watched this week's episode together. Our reactions to the equestrian girl and her mother were identical: We both thought the girl was a spoiled, hateful child and the mother was cold and uncommunicative. (How come the sister never says anything?) Didn't you guys hear how Karli talked to her mother?


Now our reaction and view of this girl and her mother are quite different than the others expressed here. Curious, isn't it. We have both thought the girl was spoiled and selfish since the first episode, but couldn't get a feel for the mother until this past episode.


As far as studying, I seem to recall from one of the earlier episodes being very surprised when she mentioned getting mostly C's in school and not being particularly concerned with it. I think she also talked about missing school for the various competitions. Perhaps the studying we saw this last time was precipitated by something other than a "love for learning".


Her plans to to graduate high school and get a job to support herself in a fashion that would permit her to keep a $40,000 horse and participate in the (apparently) expensive equestrian competitive circuit seems a bit unrealistic to me. It suggested to me that she didn't have a clue what this endeavor was costing her family, and frankly, that she didn't care to know.


That cheerleading mom is just the scariest thing I see going! Nothing I can even say to that. I can't help by shake my head in total incomprehension! Why, why, why would you want your young daughter dressing and dancing like that? And what was that mother, teacher, or coach of the little girl with "fruit on her head" on when they picked that costume!!!


Football dad and son seem to be happy together. But the boy may very well be a "pleaser" and that can backfire as he gets older. But, let's think about this: An 8-year old who has a weekly standing appointment with a chiropractor due to football stresses upon his young growing body? Will that poor little body even make it high school, much less the NFL??? Talk about arthritis and getting old before one's time??!!


My vote for balanced, nurturing mom goes to the basketball mom. She is working hard, without desparation, in guiding her daughter on a safe, balanced path through those rocky high school years. And she is helping her daughter develop a skill that will help get her into a good college. That girl cracks me up. She is a typical teen-age girl with all the distractions calling (and she's definitely hearing them), but so far she has incorporated her mother's lessons and admonishments and does try to heed them as best she can.

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Football dad and son seem to be happy together.  But the boy may very well be a "pleaser" and that can backfire as he gets older.  But, let's think about this:  An 8-year old who has a weekly standing appointment with a chiropractor due to football stresses upon his young growing body?  Will that poor little body even make it high school, much less the NFL???  Talk about arthritis and getting old before one's time??!!


DD was seen by a chiropractor at least once a month, sometimes 2 when she was skating. She now goes as needed. I am a firm believer in chiropractors and their benefits. I can tell you that our own chiropractor was not happy with dd's choice of sport, at the time, and constantly admonished me as to the possible damage she was inflicting on her young bones.

He now complains about dd's feet and the beating they take due to pointe work.

I can't win. :mondieu:

Almost any sport that a child participates in exclusively, at a young age has the potential to cause damage to growth plates and young bones. It comes with the territory. However, I don't agree with an 8 year old getting hit from every which way, over and over, as necessary for becoming a pro, even with pads on.

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I had not heard the part about the equestrian girl's school habits, but I missed the very first episode, so that may have been the episode it was on. I guess it all comes down to interpretation, but they both appear to me to be totally dysfunctional in their interactions. What comes across to some as spoiled and hateful from the daughter comes across to me as anger and frustration with her mom and the facade her mom seems to want her to maintain for the cameras.


I haven't commented up to now on the cheerleader mom. I guess growing up and living in the South, I've seen a lot of these moms and kids over the years, especially regarding the jazz dance competitions. The jazz outfits the little girl wears for her solo routines make the cheeleading outfits seem very tame--and this is where most of the "shake your booty" kind of stuff goes on. None of this stuff is my cup of tea, although it's all around me and very popular down here. The kids participating here cover the spectrum, too, all races, classes, and backgrounds. I'm not sure the cheerleading mom's daughter truly loves all this as much as it's just all she has ever known. But, I don't get too alarmed over her mom, because I do see/know/work with this type of mother-daughter and I know that in almost all cases the daughters turn out just fine. (Gotta have somebody to fill those sorority houses at State U. :mondieu: )


My vote for "most-admired" also goes out to the basketball coach and her talented but very normal teen daughter. :blink:

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As for skater dad seeming to be okay: I guess you missed the episode in which he said of his son: "When he doesn't fall he's great, and when he does fall, he ... sucks."

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I did miss last weeks episode. :mondieu: Not a very nice thing to say about one's child. I guess that was where the skater came up with his remarks about his family. Isn't it nice how our children learn from us?

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Mrs. Stahlbaum

I'm not saying that I think the parents on the show are blameless, but....


Did anyone see the follow-up episode that was aired after Showbiz Moms and Dads was shown? I came away with a different view of the participants after watching that show. It was obvious how much editing had been done. For example, one mom with a son, that I had always assumed to be an only child with no father around, turned out to have a large supportive family and they were shown laughing and having a good time together.


I think that as prospective Parents from Hell, we can learn a lot by watching the shows, but as we have no way of knowing the full story behind every situation, we need to remember that things may not be quite the way we see them on TV.


Also, while I am disturbed at the cheerleader skimpy outfits, I have heard some negative comments about the leotards worn by ballet students and by the impropriety of some of the stretches dancers do before class. Yeah, yeah, I know there's a reason for the leotards, but I still remember those elderly ladies shaking their heads and muttering, "that girl is practically naked in there" as they passed by a dance studio.

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Guest Vicarmac

Editing can do alot to skew things, however I don't know what could be left out that if put back in would make that cheerleader mom appear much different. She is saying those things and she is having her kid do way too much.

And yes I saw the follow up of the show biz ones, my basic opinion did not change about that mom one iota or any of the others. I take editing into consideration but most of the showbiz ones were nuts and so are the sports ones.

The remarks that skater makes that seem so out of nowhere are not. They are a typical teenager not knowing any other way to get back at his crazy parents. He probably has become a brat how could he not?

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Funny I have been watching bits and pieces of this show, and the pervious show biz moms and dads with my DD. She finds them mildly interesting but ather unreal. We also watch Nany 911 and whatever the other one is. My overall thought is that we are a country filled with highly overstressed people who have rather odd definitions of success. (Of course not us here on BT, just the rest of the loonies). The shows all build of of disfunctional relationships rather than considering how MOST people live and relate to each other.


I also wonder how editing choices are made. I am pretty sure that if a camera crew spent a few weeks in our household they could come up with enough engative footage of my interactions of DD to fill the about 8 minutes of footage a week that get shown for each one. On the flip side, editing could probably make me look better than I am.


And as someone commented, the show does not really cut across race and class. I find it interesting that in both this one and showbiz the one minority family was the single mom, who provided strong guidance for the child ,and came across as the one "realistic parent." I am happy to see what looks like a very strong parent, with a typically developing teenage girl in the show, who plays basketball - a school sport not private- but it makes me wonder how/why these editting choice were made.


The best thing about all these shows is in my daughters 13 year old eyes, t is now clear that I COULD be a lot more embarrassing.

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The best thing about all these shows is in my daughters 13 year old eyes, t is now clear that I COULD be a lot more embarrassing.


We don't get Bravo, but I wish we could see this show, just for this effect!

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