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ARgh, I missed the show last night. Late night at a swim meet where I saw a few candidates for the next time they make this show! I think I can tape a rerun this weekend. Thanks for the synopsis!


(incidentally here's the link to


Cheerleader Mom's "Dance School"



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I missed the first 1/3 of last night's episode, so I missed the letter writing bit to Michigan. I still feel so sorry for all the kids involved. Am I just reading too much into it, or did skater boy have a lot of sadness in his face--both before the actual competition and afterwards? Whoever commented last week on his coach is probably right--she just doesn't seem to connect with him at all. My gut tells me that in this type of relationship, the person being coached needs to be able to trust the coach, but I don't get that with these two. I agree, horse mom is cruel, no matter how hard she tries to portray otherwise. Cheerleader mom seems scarier every week. :flowers: As far as I can see, the kid playing football never shows any emotion on the field after making a tackle--he's like a little robot. That's scary, too.....


Chauffeur, I looked at the website. Interesting they say they are now offering classical ballet classes for those students who wish to take them, but where in the heck are they on the schedule they have posted?

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Not only that, their ballet instruction is "second to none". I'm sure there's a joke in there somewhere.


I found one Beginner Ballet class and two Intermediate ballet classes - but the latter two are back to back. What good is that?

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And there is a one hour pointe class, if I remember right - how scary!

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OK, I just figured out who Cheerleading Mom reminded me of. Does anyone remember a monologue scene from the movie "Amadeus" where the now elderly Salieri, living in his prison/psych ward, is recounting some horrible, awful episode from his long-ago interactions with Mozart to the priest? He finishes describing what he had done, his face contorted with anger, and then, split-second quick, he turns to the priest and his face melts into a simpering little smile. Cheerleading Mom's monologues to the camera and speeches to her daughter are just rife with those same stop-and-turn-on-a-dime mood changes. Creeeeeepy. :huepfen:


Football Family now reminds me of a few ballet families I've met: everything is always someone else's fault when their child doesn't succeed at the goals they've set for them :angry:


With Equestrian Family, I get the feeling that something's getting left out. maybe I've just taken fridge breaks at the wrong time, but I don't remember how this storyline got from psychological warfare to done-deal-the-dream-is-over. did I miss something explanatory? :dry:


And poor Figure Skating Boy: he really does have talent, but I feel like the emotional mess that he is on the ice is due to his mother's approach to just about everything. He is one big Pavlovian twitch. :wub:


And the basketball babes -- I'm OK with them. I think they'll be OK. :D

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:angry: I do remember that Salieri moment! What an actor - what a movie! :wub:


Unfortunately/fortunately :huepfen: I haven't seen more than one episode of this show, however from what I did see I'd say you probably nailed it. If this is truly a real picture of this person it is scary indeed. :dry:

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Unfortunately I missed last night--just completely forgot about it. Does anyone know how many episodes are remaining?


Chauffeur, I also get the feeling something was left out of the equestrian family story. :shrug: We never saw the resolution of the mother-daughter conflict, unless I was out of the room, too.


I also remember that scene from "Amadeus"--so powerful!

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I like to watch it to detox from the park-league swim meets we go to earlier in the evening, each Wednesday. "Park league," you think -- how bad could that be? Well, we've got the 8-year-old girl with a personal coach. She won her events last night but she went slower in each event than the previous meet and she didn't -- :shrug: -- set any team records, so she had an hysterical meltdown after each event. Oh, and then there's the 9-year-old boy who is sponsored by a local auto parts dealer. Mom and Grandma had a hissy fit at the last meet when they were told he can't wear his sponsor's logo on his cap or swim suit. After an evening like that, an hour of "Sports Kids Moms and Dads" and a nice, cold malt-based beverage is just what the doctor ordered!


and I don't know for sure, but I got the sense last night that next week could be the last episode. It just feels like it will be from the way the story lines are winding down.

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Ballet Taxi
Chauffeur, I also get the feeling something was left out of the equestrian family story.    :) We never saw the resolution of the mother-daughter conflict, unless I was out of the room, too. 

Did you see the one where the Mom told the girls they were able to go to Florida to compete? There was a lot of talk about her <self-described> amazing ability to squeak out the money. The girls recognized that she DID go out of her way to make this happen. Poor editing/transition but I think THAT was supposed to be the resolution.


I think this is the story that affected me the most. Of course, watching Karli say goodbye to her horse was sad, sad, sad but the Mom is a... well... mess! I know she has a lot on her plate but I think it's apparent that there are more problems than the typical stresses she describes. The only clothes she packed for herself were her Yoga clothes?? Forgetting to pick up your daughters when they were coming into a downtown train station AFTER DARK? She's in some sort of major denial saying that she appears to be disorganized on the surface but she really has it under control.


One last observation: Remember that Oprah had the Football Dad and the Cheerleading Mom on her show. After talking to the psycologist on the show the Football Dad seemed to show a change of heart re: his behavior/ideals. The Cheerleader Mom was totally defensive and and seemed troubled that no one could see the "wonderful" things she was doing for her child. I can't remember now... were any of the other parents on the show??

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Of course, watching Karli say goodbye to her horse was sad, sad, sad 


Did Karli's horse sell during this week's episode? (I missed it.) If so, I'm sad, sad, sad. I guess I kept hoping for a miracle since her horse meant so much to her.

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Nope, horse hasn't sold yet -- and if there are potential buyers, we are being kept in the dark. However, Karli seems resigned to the inevitable, and even seems to be handling it well -- talking about how this will be her last competition, her last ride, her last jump in a voice that suggests she is savoring it.


My mind keeps wandering back to skater boy. He says he will skate always, and that he doesn't know what he'd do if he weren't skating ... but I wonder, what would happen if Mom and Dad said, "Son, we've noticed you don't seem terribly motivated or happy. We want you to take a couple of months off and see how that feels."


In fact, that led me to wonder generally about kids who are so involved with their passion that they don't recognize -- or allow themselves to recognize -- when the passion has died and it is just their routine? How many hang onto their activity because they are scared about what life would be like without it? Or because they have talked themselves into thinking they enjoy the total immersion, when they really don't?

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I do think the horse mom has some emotional issues - apparent in how she jerked the kids around when telling them they could go to the Florida event. However, I can empathize with what she may be going therough - e.g. a divorce that has left her with financial problems and an ex-husband (at least to the tv viewer) who doesn't seem to be on the scene to help her take care of a house, 4-5 kids while she works in a high stress job.


On the skating boy, his mom seems soooo uptight about the money she's spending and not seeing a payoff - seems to be some resentment there. The boy is definitely going through some teenage attitude, too.

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Would someone tell me when this show comes on? I must be the only person left who has not heard of it! Is it just a summer show?

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Mrs. Stahlbaum

On the west coast, it comes on at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesdays on Bravo.

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