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Oprah's show on sports parents

Guest fille'smom

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*knock knock*


not a parent, but just a heads up about this show's airings. Tomorrow (Saturday), Bravo will be broadcasting 3 consecutive episodes of this show, so those of you who have missed out can catch up. The schedule is posted here:




Make sure the Time Zone box is showing your time zone!

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Has anyone seen the new "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" starring Johnny Depp? The character of Veronica Beauregard's mother is hilarious and could be the star of "Sport Kid's Moms and Dads." I was thinking of you all when I was watching the movie, wishing that I had you with me, so we could laugh together. :yucky:

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Guest Vicarmac

Horse mom, now that there is signs of a blue sky again, hah, took out another mortage and went off to study yoga for two months! She said it is to find herself so her kids will get to know the real her and not hate her.

The horse hadn't sold yet but the girls had to leave the sport and the horse and I guess that meant for her that things were better now. She hired a nanny and took off.

She may actually be the worst of the bunch.

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I can't believe I forgot to watch it again this week! Vicarmac, it's funny that the mother wanting to go out and "find herself" (minus the kids) apparently makes the money problems easy to solve! I'll have to try and catch a repeat of these last couple of episodes.

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Yeah, I think the horse mom takes the cake. "Sorry, sweetie, you have to give up your dream of continuing to ride horses, but oh, I guess now I have the money to dump you with a nanny for 2 months to go find myself!!" ACK!! :) Maybe she should be spending that money on some good 'ol fashioned family therapy!



On a more positive note, Bryce (the skater) said something that struck me as good advice for all sports or dance parents: "I want my coach to push me, and my mom just to love me." :thumbsup:

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Guest Vicarmac

Yes and the skater mom seemed to be realizing a few things herself. I don't think it will become perfect overnight but she did seem to realize she hadn't been helping anything. The new coach was a good idea.

I missed last weeks so I don't know if this was the first time they had football mom talk much, but she seems to be buying into the whole thing, and hopes baby brother will be a football player too so he can help his big brother. Ummm when he is 8 the other one will be a teenager. He is a talented kid and so is his quarterback partner, but come on, all these grownups acting like their futures are already decided? And already planning how to make money off them?

Cheerleader mom tried to wrap it up by saying she had been sucked in a little too much and really just wanted her daughter to be happy. Hah! She will not change in any way. Did you hear her go on about how it wouldn't be fair for her to keep her wonderful, talented child to herself, and it was her Daughter's drive, nothing to do with her own, and it was up to her to push her to get there. I wonder what the story would have been if she hadn't been so successful at her nationals. Or what mom would have said about the others if more had been able to beat her kid?

High school coach was still the best of the bunch, but probably because she actually had played some college ball and was a real coach. She even said she thinks her daughter will do even better when she has a different coach, that it was human nature for kids to balk at too much parental intrusion in this stuff.

But horse mom takes the cake. Sure parents should think before they sacrifice too much trying to get their kids what they want. And they shouldn't lose themselves. But to change in midstream.. and create all this drama just because you no longer want the hassle of it all? The only time she really seemed remorseful was when the girls said goodbye to the horse. Even then not at first, just words about , I know this is hard, thats why we are here to support you blah blah. But she finally did seem a little shook up and said this is harder than I thought it would be. Did she really think all her little rambling talks would just make everything okay? Couldn't afford horse but I must take out mortage to go study yoga.

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Now, hopefully Bryce's mom was listening.


It's funny how I became so involved in the families on this show. (I'm not a big TV watcher--my hubby, and dd when he's not in the room, usually highjack the TV controls. If a show I want to watch is coming on, I have to ask one of them which number to punch in on the control to get the right station, and then go upstairs to one of the other televisions if I even remember the show is coming on.) I think I identified with these families in that I have wondered through the years if my support of my daughter has ever come close to "crossing the line" in some ways--if perhaps I have too much invested emotionally, or can't see things objectively, or even if I haven't been assertive enough when dealing with the politics of our local dance world. It's been interesting to see that often the parents on the show are blind to things their children are experiencing that are obvious to us, the viewer.


*Vicarmac, just realized you and I were posting at the same time, and I'm encouraged to hear that Bryce's mom may be coming around a little. :)

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Add me to the list of everyone who was staring at the TV slackjawed when Equestrian Mom announced her little "me-time" plan. Unbelievable! There's something wrong with her that has nothing to do with her children's involvement in sports. Although, as my husband pointed out as we watched, none of the kids seemed too upset about losing mom for 2 months.


As for the rest, I don't buy it either with Cheerleading Mom. Let's touch base with that family in 5 years and see how the first eating-disorder intervention has gone.


Figure-skating Boy looked like he had already improved a ton with the new coach. I'm glad they didn't try to dump too much blame on the old coach, but I think that clearly was not a productive relationship anymore. As for twitchy mom, hubby and I both burst out laughing when she said something like, "I love my son" because her face looked like it was going to crack in half as she said it. But I think the son's gaining some emotional distance on her and her issues, and he might just make it.


Football Family: now they have accomplices in this other family of the future quarterback. Granted Trenton's dad is no Marinovich dad, but this little boy will probably never even make it to suit up for high school. He'll have physically fallen apart by then. And God help the new son.


Finally, Basketball Mom and Daughter -- yeah, mom's got it right. And daughter might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I was very glad to see her playing club ball there at the end. The whole high school scene there was clearly not very competitive, but it was good to see her doing the club ball and obviously fitting in well.

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I was also staring at the screen last night, dumbfounded, when Karen, the horse mom and Blackhole of Selfishness, said she was going off for two months to study Yoga! Geez! However, this could be the break that her kids need. Good breath in...exhale...

I am so glad that they got a male coach for Bryce, the ice skater. It was so great to see him finally land those double axels consistantly.

As far as Trenton and his dad go, I think chauffer hit it on the head. That kid will be completely wiped out when he hits high school. Good luck dad while you're out shopping for another team for your son.



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Bravo TV chat board


Interesting chatter over there, including a post from what does legitimately appear to be Cheerleading Mom (under a borrowed CheerMadre handle), as well as some posts from Basketball Mom (hoopmom).


I don't think Cheerleading Mom learned much from the experience. :shrug: Here's the link to the page with her interesting post:


cheerleading Mom post

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Oh How I wish my finances were as bad as that poor equisterian family. I dream of the day we can afford a once a week maid or someone to seasonaly clean the windows and still have a few pennies to save for the future. I too was dumbfounded by her need for me time.


I also thought that Bball mother was great when she said her daughter would improve with a different coach. For some kids having their parent as a coach works out OK, but not for many.


It was a fun show, but I won't be sad to see it go.

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