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Oprah's show on sports parents

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Calamitous, I noticed how the producers loved showing us that exterior view of their large, beautiful New England home--I guess "money problems" are relative. Maybe an idea for a new reality show--Trading Places. But wait, has it been done before?

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wow, i just read all 9 pages of comments. (get a life, jeanielake?)

you guys are amazing! i wish i could take you in my car, have you peer in the two-way window, maybe even fly in like angels in the outfield (angels in the backstage?) to whisper gentle reminders to dd for me...but mainly, i wish i could have you all in my life everyday. i am obsessed with dance, and that's why i love this place. i loave dance, i luuve dance. thank god for y'all.

back to the show:

i search for irony in life, and sometimes it's not a search at all; it just whacks you up the side of the face! i have not seen the show/shows, so i'm not going to comment...but i chuckle about the irony of balletalerters writing about obsessive parental behavior! (early in the thread someone else said the same thing!)

yes, i am obsessive about my own dd, but IN A GOOD WAY??? ouch.

i am going to have to really do some VIDEOTAPING of MYSELF to see where i fit in. my problem is very dangerous: my dd WANTS me to help her, and so that is where it gets dicey. when you've had a career yourself, and you didn't force dd to pursue it (she played soccer until 12), when your family has played Division One college sports, (yes, i knew who todd marinovich was) I should know better than to help her....but, the slope is slippery and i slide way-off base sometimes.

i will depend on you all to help me thru her senior yr. i will spill my feelings to you and vent frustrations/exhaltations, so that she can have her life.

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