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A Real Live Dance Recital

mini cooper

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After all, this is just recital, and not the Lincoln Center!



Well, at the final performance of the season at the Met (ABT/Giselle), people were whooping and hollering and flashing away. Looked and sounded like a sporting event. It's OK by me as long as the performance is over. Dancers looked happy.


I notice the crowds at the Met for ABT are louder and more "sports fan-ish" than the crowds at the State Theatre for NYCB.


They act a bit over-enthusiastic when a guy does some crazy pirouette. But really, they ask for it. Do you REALLY need to do 10 pirouettes? So much so that the conductor needs to stop the music for the stupid pirouette? It's like sports. Seriously :wub: .

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2 things:


Here in DC Septime Webre sometimes does a bit of audience prep before WB productions that are relatively kid-friendly (so,for example,I don't think he bothererd before Rite of Spring...). It is light and friendly.


About the student set woo-hooing their friends: yeah, sometimes I wish they would tone it down (happens occasionally at the relatively "serious" ballet performances put on by my local prepro school) but another part of me is just really happy that these kids are there to see and support their high school classmates, esp. since dancers often seem pretty cut off from the rest of high school life.


OK, a third thing: I don't really think photos, flash or other, are a bit deal during bows. Not the height of decorum, but certainly not hazardous.

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Guest creakey

we see the bad manners here too, at my kids' recent recital parents had to be reprimanded..which is ironic, because one of the main reasons I want my girls to dance is to develop a sense of self-.. good carriage, ability to handle corrections in a dignified manner, to handle adults (teachers) who have different styles and to process what works for them..its frustrating when the adults don't come through, and while i try to aviod gossip, or puttting people down, I do acknowledge to my kids that some people just plain behave badly, be they kids or grown-ups...but i do feel, bottom line, that Ballet has changed them in a great way.

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Actually witnessed this at a Bolshoi Ballet performance (or it might've been the Kirov Ballet...) a couple of years ago at the Orange County Performing Arts Center, which is a fairly large & formal venue in my area:


My dd and I were sitting in one of the tiered balconies, which overlooks the orchestra-level seats. The lights were about to go out for the performance, and people were hurriedly getting to their assigned seats. This one lady walks past us and leans way over the balcony, starts waving her arms and shouts down to the orchestra seats in a loud voice, "HEY HARRIET, I"M UP HERE! HARRIET, LOOK UP HERE!" Of course, most of us sitting were speechless to witness something that you usually see at a baseball stadium or a pro-wrestling match. Needless to say, we saw a couple of ushers instantly run over to the lady to give her an on-the-spot lesson in how to behave at a ballet performance! :shrug:

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Guest adultbegballet

Not a a parent, so feel free to remove if inappropriate. I just find this topic very interesting!


A trend I've noticed at recent Highland dancing competitions is for audience members to clap/cheer/scream/hoot/holler only for their children or friends. It's not uncommon for the hall to go silent when a dancer who hasn't brought half of their relatives with them gets called up for an award. I find it INCREDIBLY disrespectful.


Having said this, I won the overall trophy at my last competition, and all of my friends cheered for ME. :S

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