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Champagne (and sparkling cider) moment

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Prologue: Another adult student and I were asked to perform a piece in our school's annual show (two performances), which were this past weekend.


We arrived to find that the private dressing rooms had been reserved for us (star and all)--something neither of us had achieved in our younger dancing days. The biggest surprise of all, though, was the loud, yes loud, applause and "bravos!" for us at the end of our piece. There were even a number of people who waited to see us afterward to compliment the performance! When we joked that we weren't too bad for the geriatric dancers, they laughed until we told them that one of us was 40 and the other (me) had two children. What a hoot! I'm normally not one to "toot my own horn," but the unexpected attention was actually quite a rush.


For the first time as well, my dd (who had previously danced at another school) was also in the show. Needless to say, wearing two hats was more tiring than I expected, but what a blast to share the experience with my dd (who enjoyed having privileged access to the dressing room; the younger kids are generally corralled in a large room). Dd also got many compliments, including from the AD, the company ballet master, who rarely compliments anyone, and two apprentices who didn't know she was my daughter until I told them. Obviously, I was incredibly proud of her, and quickly switched to the beaming parent role. :P


Thanks to all for letting me float a bit! :thumbsup:

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Wow, congratulations on the success! I can only imagine how good you must feel.

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Wow.. I won't say I can imagine how proud you must have felt, because I have never experienced such a wonderful moment! You were proud of yourself and your daughter at the same time! Must have been 7th heaven delight!! Congratulations!


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