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Guest balleticbooy5227

Hey I was wondering if you had any advice on something:

I have totally flat feet and I need to get at least the tiniest arch in my foot, and what are some ways I can stretch and strengthen and get an arch in my foot?

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The answer is unisex. No difference between men and women: Tendu, degagé, frappé, pas de cheval, relevé, elevé, and taking a good and proper position sur le cou de pied.

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Amen to Mel’s advice. I’ve also found it beneficial to spend some time doing these movements exceedingly slow, trying to feel every muscle contract.

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My Dance PT gave me two excercises:


Stand in 6th position (1st paralell) feet 2 inches apart. Place a tennis ball between your ankles (it will stay in place between your ankle and achilles) do 3 sets of 30 releves slow and without plie. Your calves may hurt, but these are linked to your feet muscles.


Doming excercises. Arch your feet and hold for several seconds, 3 sets of 30 each day. You can do this at the desk or on the train, anywhere except when you are driving!


These two excercises will strengthen your feet and in crease your arch.



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Guest MrWombat

The releves should help, if you're engaging the muscles in the calf that act on the bottom of your metatarsals (there are three, one attaches to the 1st, one to the 5th, and one to the 2nd 3rd and 4th). I think activating these muscles is what "pushing the floor away" when on demi pointe does if you do it right. The better arch created should allow you to get a better 3/4 pointe.

The "doming your feet" exercise sounds like it would help. I think it would target the muscles you want to work best if you try not to flex (grip) your toes while doing it.

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very simple, but I feel that wearing socks with your ballet shoes also helps to improve foot strength and articulation. To achieve the same articulation with socks requires a heightened amount of strength, and what's more when you take the socks off for certain performance opportunities you get feet like daggers.

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