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I got my evaluation last week and I have a few things to work on. The good news is I've moved up to Ballet 5 (Intermediate 2 of 3). I had originally planned to take 2 technique classes and a pointe prep class. (Usually pointe prep is done at Ballet 4, but I was unemployed and could not take 3 classes a week.)


The new schedule came out, and it is one of those "mix and match" your classes, with the pre-pro kids required to do all of the classes offered for their level. They promote almost yearly, while the recreational stay in a level for more than a year at the higher levels. (Pre-pro also has seperate classes recreational students cannot attend.) I am a recreational student.


So anyway, they changed the Ballet 5 schedule and there are 2 ballet classes at 4:15 , 1 at 6:15 and 1 Saturday morning. I work until 4:30 weekdays. EEK.


Now my question. Is it at all beneficial for me to take a pointe prep class on a day that I did not have a technique class? Or would it be better to just take 2 technique classes and hold off pointe prep for yet another year?

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Skittl, that would have to be up to your teacher, as it concerns how the class is approached. If the class follows a technique class, and does not have a regular barre first, then it's probably not a very good idea. If she does a full barre, and not just pointe exercises, then it might be okay.

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