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All the best to your son and family. I have never been to Naples, but I was in Russia with Riccardo Riccardi who is teaching in Naples, perhaps still dancing at San Carlo. He is a wonderful teacher and person. Are you living in Naples or else where? There is also Maria Fusco with her school in the Naples area. Both she and Riccardo graduated from Vaganova Academy, I know Riccardo as a teacher, but maybe Maria Fusco also!


Enjoy Naples, enjoy Italy. See all that you can while you are there. My three years in Italy changed my world.


Che vita!


In bocca a lupo!


Yes, we live in a small town on the outskirts of Naples. I would be crazy to live in Downtown....although getting my son to classes would be easier if we did.


Riccardo Riccardi ...yes, I see him on the San Carlo website as a soloist.

Maria Fusco...I have not heard of her...not because she is not well known, but because my son does not go to her school. Maybe his school mentioned her, but he does not talk much about what happens in his classes and he does not like for us to hang around the school....social thing :devil:


Yes, living here has changed our world too. I appreciate everyday we are here and hate the thought of one day leaving.

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I really envy the fact that you are in a part of the world that not only "tolerates" young male dancers, but truly appreciates them! It's times like this when you know it has all been worthwhile, huh?  :devil:


Yes, this has been the best thing to happen to my son....to be able to share his love of ballet with strangers and not be afraid of their reaction. I hope that he continues to have the same pride when we move back to America. Yes, it is worthwhile to miss out on cable tv, fast food, ice at a restaurant, gas stations on every corner, toilet paper in public bathrooms, understanding every word that comes out of everyones mouth, etc :wink:

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Congratulations, Gremlin, to you and your son! It's so nice to read your excited posts--they are a great change of pace! I also hope you will continue to keep us updated with information about his school and ballet in Italy.

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Congratulations to you and your son. Excuse me if you have already answered this, but how old is your son? And how long has he been dancing?

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Congratulations to you and your son.  Excuse me if you have already answered this, but how old is your son?  And how long has he been dancing?



That's ok. I don't mind answering your question. My son is 13. He just finished his 5th year of ballet, but technically, you can say he has only had 8 months of solid training with good technique. (we moved here last summer). Let's just say that in Sept, he was not even sure exactly where 5th position was. Ms. Leigh can testify to that back in March 2004. A lot of hard work and extra hours at 2 schools got him where he is today. It's been a long exhausting year.

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Congratulations, I am so very excited for you and your son on this new adventure and all the wonderful peek, into the world of ballet, in Italy. Please keep us posted on his progress, as it is a joy to hear from you and all your experiences.

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This is a beautiful and positive story gremlin. Congratulations to your talented and hard working son! :shrug:

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I know this isn't a question, so I apologize in advance, but there have been so many discussions about getting en pointe and for DD this was a much bigger deal. After having an early fall full of complaints of class being too hard and ... it was wonderful to come home to DD bursting with good news. I am sure all your kids have that special style in which they relay particularly good news, which for my DD looks a little bit like a monkey swinging around the room. But when we came in she ran up to tell us that "we got to dance with boys today!" there was nothing any one could do but smile and be thrilled too.


Although there have been boys in class since she began dance, they just started formal and regular instruction in Paux (I hope that is what it is called). She recreated in the living room what they had done and complimented each of the boys (who were not present) on what a great job they had done.


This dance ride is full of highs and lows and a lot of just hard work in between, but this was one high that was so fun to see that I just had to share.

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What a fun story. Thanks for sharing it. These highs are what keep us all going! When DD partnered for the first time at this year's SI it too was a thrill. Alas, now again no boys.

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We live for these moments. As they get older, the demonstrating in the family room diminishes, but DD still does that once in awhile....


Thanks for this story.

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DD hasn't started partnering class yet but has done some parts with boys. At just barely 13 this was not her response at all. She said, "Uck! Boys are sweaty and stinky!" We were glad to hear boys are still yucky and we hope this will continue a couple more years. Whew!

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Just for another funny perspective..When my son first danced with girls, he came home and said---Yuck, they're so sweaty and stinky. :D

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We've found in this year's rehearsals that finally getting to "dance with boys" changes the atmosphere quite a bit. Those who spent the last few years making snide comments and being rude to our boys (kind of typical boy/girl relationships at their ages) are suddenly faced with having to actually partner with them for performances! It's only a few who've been particularly disagreeable, and they do seem to be a bit chagrained now. DS has been saying that this moment would come and now finds it very humorous. He doesn't think the girls are sweaty and stinky, though. Wish he did.

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:D DS (16) loves partnering (although he does mention the bit about strutting around in white tights making the girl look good!). He will be doing some serious lifting this year as the Snow Prince and is getting used to those darn practice tutus, which he says makes the lifting easier as placement of hands must be exact. And, yes, both dancers get sweaty - he finds girls will let you know if you "smell", :shrug: so is religious about hygiene!.... Like Cheetah's son, he gushes that all of his partners are beautiful/awesome dancers...except when he is belted by the dreaded pointe shoe or elbow!
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