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DD finally did double pirouettes on pointe from fifth and fourth, en dedans and en dehors :) . Here's why I'm so proud. It took a while for her to be able to do them in slippers and she was discouraged because others could do it so easily. She's not at all competitive. In fact she's a bit self-deprecating. At times she deliberately holds back in situations both in and out of ballet trying not to make others feel uncomfortable or for her to stand out. I was getting concerned she would loose motivation. Her teachers have done a good job keeping her going on this goal. This is really hits on my biggest concern for her fulfilling her dream of dancing professionally. Will she have enough determination to her best rather than worrying about offending someone? I also think she's nervous about being on pointe. It's been drilled into her "pointe shoes are dangerous". I think this fear inhibits her. When she and my son were little her nickname was wisdom and his courage. None of the kids could get her to do something dangerous and she kept her brother safe. Brother made sure she overcame her timidity. I know I know she's still very young. She's just not a Type A. Those kids, you know, will get what they want.

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Congrats to your daugther vicarious! It is a wonderful feeling when your daughter accomplishes something they have been working towards. :)

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First off, YAYYY for your daughter. Secondly, I hear you when you worry about her quiet personality. I had the same concerns for my youngest daughter. She always danced in the back of the room, was in a corner and would never try to get in front. She would tell me that if she was meant to have a part or a place in the SI that she wanted to be noticed for her dancing not assertiveness. I tried to tell her that an auditioner needs to see her before they can choose her. I encouraged her to occasionally try to dance from the front, etc. I think a lot of it was not feeling confident even when she was obviously dancing well. The good news is that she did eventually get noticed and she is now dancing professionally. She still is not assertive , at least not as much as I think would be to her benefit, but she dances in her comfort zone. It is certainly harder for shy dancers to get noticed, but if they keep working hard, it can happen.

Oh, and for the turns, one of mine was not the world's greatest turner but also has had a wonderful dance career. Double pirouttes are usually all you need unless doing some of the principal roles of big ballets. I think that this daughter was put on pointe before she was strong enough and was really afraid to turn. It affected her for years and years. The other two turn like tops, they were stronger when they went on pointe. Just my theory.

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My daughter switched studios this past summer, and it was her first experience dancing with boys (except for a very brief period a couple of years earlier). When she first started, she thought she would be too embarassed to even dance in the same room as the boys...she suddenly became painfully modest. Then she got used to that experience, but swore she'd never try partnering. She has only had a couple of partnering classes, and still isn't sure it's all it's cracked up to be. The first time she was lifted, she slipped off her pointe & sat down on the floor. The second time, she accidentally smacked the boy in the face! :o I tell her it's just going to take practice, and learning to trust herself & the boys. And then I remind her how lucky she is to have a studio with enough boys to even have a partnering class! :)

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DD enjoys partnering class. The biggest change partnering has made?


She's always extremely conscious of the body odor thing, and everyone gets sweaty. Not something you can help much - partnering is her third class of the day.


But now she'll only buy non-slippery leotards. She says even the microfiber matte leos are too slippery. I'm not sure whether she's trying to make it easier for the boys, who have expressed the preference for a more cottony finish, or if she's just trying to minimize her chances of being dropped. :(


I'm actually glad the boys and girls TALK about stuff like that. I know some of the younger ones are still at the "<other gender> is icky!" stage in public, but when they have to dance together they're not shy.


One of the older boys said it was different at ABT NY. Several girls who'd never taken partnering class were more conscious about being touched by guys.

"Why are you putting your hands there?"

"Because that's where they GO."


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We had a funny situation with our DD, she actually dated her partner after this incident. Rehearsals went well and then when they were in costume, he started the lift and her slippery costume had her slip like a greased pig to the floor. There was lots of laughter and he rosined his hands and they did the dance again. This time everyting was fine until the last lift when his hands had gotten sweaty and she slipped again and to not drop her his hands ended up in a....um...delicate place. He was MORTIFIED and DD just laughed and modifications were made for the performance.


He asked her out after the show and said that if she could laugh about an embarassing situation like that then he was sure things wouild be better on the date.


We still talk about it being the strangest ice breaker we have ever heard of!

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One of the first partnering experiences that my dd had - they were practicing for Nutcracker and her partner lifted her and they did a "fish"... as she was dropping down into that final pose - she passed gas :D


The AD yelled at her partner (blaming him!). They were laughing so hard that he fell on her... She fessed up after she could speak again. She later said that sometimes when you squeeze something - air is going to be expelled somewhere - and it was bound to happen sooner or later! So much for that image of delicate ballerinas...

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Pattypirouette and rubiraven:


I have tears streaming down my eyes!!! :lol: Funny stories! :thumbsup:

Maybe I should print them out and put them somewhere so I can pull them out if DS ever has a bad partnering day when he gets older!!


Thanks for sharing! :wink:

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Those were great stories and congratulations Calamitous. I know my daughter wants to start dancing with the guys and is waiting patiently.

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Congratulations to your DD! :unsure: It is a memorable milestone for every dancer.


I know my own DD was ecstatic when she finally unlocked the secret to doubles en pointe. She is not a natural turner. It seemed like such a major hurdle for her at the time - even though her teachers constantly reminded her that they would come eventually and there is so much more to dance than double pirouettes. Nonetheless we were all incredibly relieved when the doubles finally came.

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I had to bring this thread up...for those of you who know me and the ups and downs my daughter has endured over the past couple of years, it is exciting to finally be able to share some fantastic news!!!

DD received her very first scholarship today!!!! :blink: She has had such a roller coaster ride and many time doubted herself. I had my moments too... :shrug:

This offer came at such a great time. She is beyond excited. When she told me she was half crying/half screaming. What a great way to begin the audition season!!!!

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Wow! Good for her! I have read about her ups and downs here. That is a wonderful accomplishment. What school did she get a scholarship for?

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Congrats to your daughter! Scholarship offers are something to be treasured and I'm sure there are more to come in your daughter's case as she really has worked so hard!!

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