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Mom Brags (parental brags)


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Congratulations to your daughter and to you for supporting her in all her ups and downs.

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Congratulations to your dancing kids. It's so nice to hear these positive stories! You must be very proud!

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Redstorm: One of DD's teachers danced at Milwaukee for a couple of years, after attending a summer program there. This teacher has nothing but positive memories of her time with them. Although she now (at 23) is chosing to go back to school for a masters in dance, that company gave her a truly wonderful experience.

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Ok so this is a really minor brag - but it does have a funny learning lesson for DD also. At DD's school they have a day at the end of the year when all the other grades say good bye to the seniors with a presentation of sorts.

Well DD was selected by her peers to be the choreographer for the dance portion - that's the brag.


Last night she had her first rehearsal. She didn't have anything planned because she didn't know who was planning on dancing (this is a PA and these dancers are not the ballet kids). After her first experience trying to "teach" a group of HS freshmen to bend their knees and walk in time and on beat, AND pay attention and not talk or hit each other she was pulling her hair out. She now has a little more respect for teachers and class discipline and is mystfied by the inability of many 15 year olds to count beats, walk and move their arms at the smae time.

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Other than her grandparents, I don’t really have anyone to brag to (comfortably) that would understand why I am so proud of my DD. I hope no one minds if I let it out here....


This year brought DD her first scholarship, (followed by a second) an invitation to a year around program, and an invitation to her dream summer program. Could things get any better you ask... yes! Casting went up for Coppelia today and she got the part of Swanilda.


I don’t normally like to toot my DD’s horn but it is such a good feeling as a parent when your child’s hard work pays off for them. You always tell them it will but what a wonderful thing to see it in action. Like Redstorm’s DD, she too has had so many moments of doubt. She always works harder than anyone in the room but did not always feel the rewards of others that either didn’t work hard or didn’t really want it as bad as she did. She has continued to fight for what she wants and 2008 is starting out to be great year for her. I am so proud of her! :wink:

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