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wonderful!! it is so nice that you have a place to "brag"... as well as you should!! It is wonderful news of all of the up and coming opportunities that your dancer has been given!!! You have every right to be proud!

I feel the same way... my daughter loves her ballet... always goes to class with a smile and leaves with a smile and works extremely hard.... more power to them! The dedication is something I am in awe of...

Enjoy your dancer and know that there is another mom out there that is happy to know that there are other moms out there that want to express their admiration for their child!

Will your daughter go to the year round program??? my daughter wants to go to a year round program so bad! I am telling her, two more years...

congrats again.

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Congratulations to you and you DD bobbypinfinder. I understand exactly how you feel about not wanting to toot your DD horn but feeling so proud. My DD, who will turn 16 the end of the month has also had a great 2008 so far. Like yours she was offered her first scholarship this year, not huge but she was ecstastic ( I can't get the spelling), she was accepted into the summer program she has been dreaming about (although she only told us AFTER acceptance). And like yours spring casting is up and she is still in shock. The school is doing a contemporary ballet choreographed by the director that the kids love (it is based on a Veit Nam war story) and she is second cast behind the top dancer so will alternate the part with her. And she seems to finally be at piece with her body which has stopped growing and is toning.


I was talking to someone at work the other day and said to him, you know it doesn't really matter how good or bad things seem here, my D has been working hard for the last 7 years and is really starting to see it pay off. If she quits dancing now, it won't matter because for right now she has reached a long term goal.


So bobbypinfinder, please brag away, I know just what you feel.

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Congratulations, bobbypinfinder and DD! These inspiring success stories make my day. I hope to someday have one of our own to post, but, until then, thank you for sharing and letting others know that dreams can come true with hard work and time. I'm sure that your DD will have a tough time choosing her summer plans from so many acceptances, but it is wonderful to have so many great choices available!

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Congrats Bobbypinfinder! It is a wonderful feeling when they finally start seeing a light at the end of that dark tunnel!

Bask in the glory!

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Congratulations to your multi - talented dd for such a fantastic start to 08. I know she's been working hard and her schedule keeps you spinning.


kudos to all the other "bragging moms" and their kids as well. Love to hear it all.







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And adding my own congrats to Bobbypinfinder and her DD! Lovely news, and I am so glad to hear the news!

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Congrats to bobbypin finder as well!That's what makes this board so great that here folks actually understand this difficult world of ballet and this long journey the DK's have chosen.


We had an interesting conversation with the AD this weekend. It seems DD might be doing the pas de deux for the end of year performance. The AD mentioned it so casually that it took awhile for it to sink in. It may not happen as there is one detail to be worked through however, we rushed to the library to check out the DVD and checked it out online as well. The difference in the versions is shocking. Well who knows, we'll see, but it sure made for an exciting weekend.

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LOL at the "so casually." I completely understand. I'll be hoping that your DD's details are worked out properly so that she can have the opportunity. Please let us know if it goes forward as hoped.

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thanks darlin dancer. We'll see what the future holds, but it was nice for DD to be thought of in this way whatever ends up happening.

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Congratulations to al your dancing children and well done you for supporting them so well along the way

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OK, so many folks on these boards have helped us on this journey and I feel I've gotten to know quite a few special dance parents, so I wanted to share our good news:


After auditions on Saturday, Dd found out that she has been accepted into the "Academy" (basically 2 year university) level at the state school she attends in Europe! She is "very, VERY happy"; but also sad for current classmates who didn't get in.

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