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Thanks everyone for the kind acknowledgments!

(Dd is home on spring break, so I showed her this thread with its comments from friends and co-journeyers.) :green:


At times this road can get somewhat lonely; you know life outside the "mainstream." BT4D has made such a difference!

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I just stumbled on this thread just now, and it is so inspiring and positive! Thank you all!


I'll just add two little brags, but they're nothing glamorous, just some little things that happened that I am so proud of my dd for...


The first one: My dd, though having received two quite nice parts, was not cast exactly as she would have liked in the current show, and asked whether I could ask the AD or the choreographer about it. I told her that no, I absolutely would not talk to either of them; in a real company, she would need to be the one to approach either one and ask, respectfully, what she could do to improve her dancing so as to increase her chances of being put in the sort of dances she wants to be in. Taking her courage in hand, she chose a quiet moment to approach the AD, and was rewarded for it by having the AD reply that there was NO reason she wasn't in certain ballets, that she is very proud of my dd's work and that she is working beautifully and progressing faster than any of the faculty thought she would...That in fact, it was just a matter of casting choices, and the stage picture that the choreographer was trying to achieve. You can imagine how relieved and happy my dd was to hear this news, which was its own reward. I am so proud that she had the bravery and seriousness to ask and find out the answer to a potentially dangerous question, and handle it with maturity. (We have since learned that the AD has asked a dance to be made especially for my dd and two others, who, because they are also taller than others in their class, have sometimes been left out of things their classmates are doing. YAY!)


Second one: a fine teacher at our school has never seemed especially fond of my dd's work. Yesterday in class, she took her aside and told her how impressed she was with her improvement over the last year and how well she was doing. This means more to my dd than you can imagine. And me, too. It's been a difficult year, and she has worked so hard; it's nice to hear that her efforts were acknowledged by someone we both respect.


Moral of these two stories: it is not always having the best part or being at the top of the class that makes my dd happy or me proud; sometimes it is the smaller moments of progress both as a dancer and as a human being that makes me feel that doing all this ballet stuff is not for nothing, and will help her in her future life, no matter whether it turns out to be in the ballet world, or in some other field she is yet to discover! :shrug:

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Great post mcrm55! And your daughter's progress in dance (not to forget her courage in approaching the AD!) is definitely something to be proud of!

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I have not been around here for very long, but I just want to say that I am so pleased to find a great topic like this! I can't wait to get to know everyone well enough to be able to 'share'! I did want to just touch on something one of the posts said way back about their DD being too shy to go to the front....for anyone who has had this happen, perhaps you can tell them about this.....so here's my small brag... :yes:

My DD does know to go to the front....she does it quite a bit. She is NOT PUSHY OR MEAN about it - I've seen it a lot when I get the chance to observe a class. She is average height, but not real tall so she has had to go there out of necessity because she actually can't SEE what the teacher is asking in center unless she gets there. Most of the time the teacher will notice her and ask her to demo something. That in and of itself is a great compliment. But recently, in a master class with a 'ballet master' as the teacher, her going to the 'front' was just wonderful for her. It was a variations class, and the teacher would show the steps, and ask her to demo the variation for the whole class almost every single time. I mean it was just crazy! The whole class! And I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been in class as an observer/chaperone. The whole class still got to learn the variation and he worked with the class as a whole, but nothing can describe the absolute thrill and pride my daughter carried with her for weeks after that! A true compliment to her and her abilities. So I recommend highly going to the head of the class! It can certainly help! Thanks for giving me an outlet to tell that story.... :)


Mobadt :shrug:

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I am also adding a brag. Dd attended a master class and audition for the Australian Ballet School yesterday (which we had to travel interstate to attend). This is a novel experience for us as we don't have SIs in Australia and ballet students don't really have many audition opportunities when they are younger.


She had the masterclass first thing in the morning, which was with a mixed age group of 14 to 17 year olds (dd turns 15 tomorrow!). (We started the day with a minor disaster, when the shower of our accommodation leaked all over the bathroom floor, where dd's ballet clothes were!)


She came out of class smiling and said she got nervous when she first walked in, but then they started barre and from thereon in it was "so much fun!". She loved the (male) teacher and felt that ability wise she sat well in the group, half of whom were interstate members of the ABS. She said the AD of the school was sitting in taking notes (probably on their current students) and that she was taking quite a bit of notice of her during class, occasionally smiling at her. She then complimented other dancers in the class, and, oh, and did she mention, "It was so much fun!"


Late afternoon she had her audition. She said when she first walked in she felt a bit intimidated, as most of the students were obviously older than her (this was also the same age group as the masterclass). But again, once she started she relaxed and enjoyed it. This time they had a female Russian teacher, who was "great!" (and who also smiled at her frequently throughout the audition), and a panel of three teachers assessing them (who she noticed discussing her a few times). Again, she left the audition smiling and saying "It was sooo much fun! It was great!", continuing to tell me animatedly about all the technical aspects of the exercises - of which I understand a bare minimum (but I nod my head a lot as she waves her hands around. placing the exercises for me). She said "I have so much energy I just want to go for a 10 kilometre run!".


She commended the other dancers, showed compassion for the girl who arrived late and had trouble remembering the exercises, loved learning new combinations. I felt so proud of her beautiful attitude and infected by her pure sense of joy. I just love that girl!

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That is so great danceintheblood!

I really don't know how these girls have the thick skin to go into classes like that all the time and come out so positive! It's always so wonderful to see. This track in life is a tough road to hoe, but I always tell my DD so is everything! The best part about ballet is how much it teaches us about life in general! We are all so lucky to be able to give that to our children and have them accept it. And it really makes you feel great to have them noticed for all their hard work!


Mobadt :D

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Our school year has just started and DD is off to a terrific start!


Just so proud of her! Each year our pre-professional company (which is a small close knit group of about 45) participates in Regional Dance America. We generally cast 4 or 5 pieces to be judged in February - they can be ballet, pointe, jazz or modern. Then only one piece is picked to be performed at the big weekend, where all the other member companies come to take classes and perform their piece each of 3 nights. At our studio, we hire coreographers to set the pieces, and they come in and watch or teach a class with the senior level girls, then pick from there who they would like to be in their piece with some input of course from the AD. DD was just moved up to this level (we audition in the spring for the coming year) and she is just 13 and the youngest in this level.

Two of these pieces were set this summer during our studio SI. DD was chosen to be in both! :) One is a classical pointe piece and the other is a contemporary pointe piece. I was proud enough of her for that! How wonderful! She was beyond excited!! Then this weekend - our first week back for classes at the studio - the girls were to audition for a modern /jazz type piece. There were only to be 6 girls in this piece. Well, to our complete surprise, she was also picked as one of the 6!!! So amazing! Just so proud of her! It is just wonderful to see coreographers complement her by picking her to translate their work! She is loving every minute of all the hard work; she comes home and mutters to herself all the steps and practices them, while listening to the music on her ipod. She is so immersed in it, you have to just smile :thumbsup: And these rehearsals will be long and there will be many of them. All these pieces are at least 7 minutes long. She is so excited to have the opportunity and she can't wait!!

Just so proud! :thumbsup: Sorry, I really can gush when I get going. :blushing:


Mobadt :sweating:

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Congratuluations to you & your DD for her hard work & accomplishments, Mobadt!! No apologies for gushing... gush away :yes::lol: !! Your DD has earned you the right! :D



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I have to brag a little. My DD danced the part of Giselle Saturday afternoon in our student company performance. After the show, my friend who was manning the ticket/merchandis table told me a gentlemen, who does not know us, commented how well she had done. Also, my husband who had not seen any of the dress rehearsal and didn't know anything about Giselle sat speechless at intermission. Friends came up to me and said they cried. I'm so proud of her. What a way to end senior year!

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Congratulations to your DD, viccarmom! It sure sounds like she was wonderful; you are right to be proud!! :clapping: :clapping:

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