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Howdy Everybody!


I haven't been here in a very long while. My mind has been on something for a very long time. I want to be a choreographer...I want it so bad I can taste it. Everytime I hear music I imagine something on stage. I spit out ideas for dances costumes, moves, concepts and storylines.I'm not sure if this should be posted on here since what I have in mind is more of Jazz stuff. It sounds so incredibly absurd but I want my own dance company with amazing productions to music not conventially used for dance. Nine Inch Nails, Norah Jones, King Crimson and I want costumes that will knock you for a loop! I want people to know my name through out the dance world as be one of the most innovative choreographers of our time. We're a new generation we've alot to say.I've had people tell me I should try and "get my start" in dance competitions...I'm not sure about that, I'm not crazy about competing. We always post about how to become a professional dancer but how does one get her start as a professional choreographer? and also....honestly....Do I sound crazy and should I lose the dream and "get real" and get a real job?....I was offered a full scholarship to a veterinary school and, well I don't want to do something just because its available to me and because its free. I love animals but I love dance more and I don't want to wake up 6 years from now cringing and saying" ugh I have to go to work today" I want to wake up everyday saying "Yes! I can't wait to be there" (wherever there might be)...so can someone give me some advice and be brutally honest with me? I'd really appreciate it

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petiteanise, I think it's great that you want to be a choreographer! :party: However, first you need to become a dancer...a professional dancer. It's going to be practically inpossible to get anyone to give you the opportunity to choreograph on the scale that you want to do it if you have not proven yourself as a dancer first.


The kind of choreography you want to do sounds to me like you need experience in a jazz company or MTV or Broadway, which is fine. You just need to WORK as a dancer somewhere, and gain professional experience and contacts, and then work yourself into a situation where you can choreograph, and eventually have your own company. This may not be easy, but if you are good, you should be able to find work. Las Vegas, NY, Hollywood, wherever. Just become a really good dancer first! :blushing:


If you don't want to go the competition route, that is fine. I really don't think that is the only way to go, or even the best way to go. It works for some, but is not essential. If you are not ready to get work as a dancer, then go to college and find a program that has a great musical theatre and jazz department. Since you want to choreograph, and direct a company, then study everything you can about theatre, design, production, and management. You will need all of these things. Also, if you don't have a music background, some training in music would be very valuable. Sometimes it's necessary for choreographers to be able to read a score!


In the meantime, start working on your choreography. Do work for yourself, for your friends, for your school, wherever and whatever you can! And good luck to you!!! :D

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