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Victoria Leigh

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I, too, have two dancing teenage daughters; so, may I come in, too?





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Where and what are you supposed to see??? :D I can't see anything different on the board. Do I have to go into my controls?

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mmded, after either Victoria Leigh or Mel Johnson "admits" you to the Parent Teacher Conference forum, and you either log back in or "refresh" your screen of BT for D, you will then see the new forum. :wink:


On the Site News forum, Victoria Leigh has written in her announcement:

This means that people will be admitted manually, and their membership title will change from 'Member' to PTA Member. No one who has not been admitted to this forum will see it or even know it exists, just like the Buddy Board for the Teens. The moderators will have automatic admittance. Everyone else will need to request admittance. The same rules will apply as those for full member....two weeks on the board and 30 substantial posts. We have to know that you are indeed parents or teachers.


I don't think too many people are in there right now - it's such a beautiful day! :D

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Will you please add me too?



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Okay, I give up. :D Ms. Leigh did admit me earlier, I logged out and back in and still nothing!!

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I am with mmded, I am unable to see it either! :wink: I've logged out, logged in, turned off computer, turned on computer, ate lunch, mowed lawn :D ...still can't see it!

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Victoria Leigh

Okay, I'm back. There are 8 people to admit, and 3 to check on that I thought I admitted. Let me see if I can figure out what is happening! Sorry about that, mmded, TutuMaker and AsleepATheWheel.


PS - The age of the child is not relevant to admittance to this forum. It is for all parents of dancing children, and teachers of ballet. The only requirement is that one is already a Full Member, with two weeks and at least 30 posts, so that we know you! :D

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Please add me as well!


Thank you!


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