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Victoria Leigh

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We're getting very close to where the new forum is what we want it to be. I'm collecting and analyzing feedback now. We might even have it right now, but we want to be sure. Your request posts serve as valuable data, too, so THANK YOU for assisting in the process! :wub:

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Monday, 2:20 p.m. EDT - I think we have admitted everyone who has requested it so far! :( So, the new forum is now open for business!

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You may, and you are now a PTA Member :thumbsup:

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I would certainly like to join - how exciting!

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Sorry, danceintheblood, I admitted you some time ago, and then forgot to post and tell you!

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Thanks Ms Leigh - you must be psychic!


Now - where do I find the parent/teacher conference room???

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It's the last forum under Special Groups. :sweating:

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You are signed up, dancingthrulife :wink:

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yes, 2inballet, you may join! :D I will dellete your post on the other thread.


Parents, please just ask once on one of the forums! :wink:

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I would like to be admitted please.



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