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I need a pre-pro school for next fall, but I'm not sure which one. Major Mel, could you help? Okay, so I live in Cornwall, New York, and I go to Step-by-Step, which is definitiely not a pre pro school. There's Dance Design, which I'm taking classes at in the summer. It's RAD and seems kind of prepro but I'm not sure. Then there's Powers. It is the official school of the Orange County Ballet Theatre and does the Nutcracker every year in addition to a recital. Finally, there's Gauquie Sisters School of Ballet in Washingtonville. I don't know anything about this school except that it's centered on ballet, which is good. So, my question is (drumroll :) )which ones are the most and the lest pre-pro ( not including my current studio)? Thanks in advance.


Sorry this was so long... :grinning:

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Hey, remember, I have to live in this small town after I answer this question, and any way I do it will get me into trouble with somebody. I can tell you, though, that both Dance Design (for its relatively short life) and Powers both have good placement records with NY schools and professional employment (legitimate theater at both schools).

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Hehe! Thanks a bunch, I'll request a brochure from Powers. Have you ever heard of the other one, the Gauquie Sisters one? Thanks again.

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Yes, I remember the Gauquie sisters dancing for their old school, Nicholson's.

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Are they good teachers and all that? I'm just trying to get all my options before I sign up for something.

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luv2dance, if you have a choice of schools it would be best to try each one. Take a few classes, look at their dancers, get the schedules, and figure out which is the best training and the most professional. Don't sign up for anything until you visit them!

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