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Help me understand this correction


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My teacher gave me a correction after class the other day that was more broad than the usual "do your foot like THIS, not that" and since I'm still kinda new to dance and ballet (one year so far, w00t!) I'm having a hard time understanding what she meant. Here's what she said to the best of my recollection:


"Start really focusing on your transitions. Try to think like a dancer now, and not just some guy learning the steps."


So from that I garner that I need to connect my steps together more like in adagio or something. But, how do I do this MORE so? My best friend (also takes ballet, 5 years now) said to add purpose behind my dancing, as in instead of just "tondue *yawn*" be more like "tondue godammit!"


So really, I'm kinda begining to understand what she meant (and I'll eventually ask her again as well), but I just wanted to post here to see what the greater community thought and how they do this for themselves. Thanks!

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hey, just fyi you should probably try to moderate your language a bit on here. lol. what part of texas are you in? im in dallas. connecting the steps, to me, entails making it more "dance" and less a series of steps, you should never really stop moving during a combination (unless its a balance or something), it should all just flow together. hope that helped!

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Chronus, the transitional movements are all the "linking" steps and moves that connect steps. They are totally critical in making one look like a dancer, but they also take quite a lot of time to learn to do well! It will help to really watch good dancers and professional dancers a LOT! Watch how they get from point A to point B, and how all of the major steps are connected. :D

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And yes, there is a difference between "assertive" dancing, and "hostile/aggressive" dancing.

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hey, thanks for the hasty replies. I think I'm starting to understand now. I'll be sure to watch some tapes and see how the pros do it. Thanks again!


BTW, I'm in dallas too

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