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I have heard positive things about the program, but have never been there. I have, however, met Andre Bossov, who is a very nice person (and one of our posters here smile.gif ), and saw several of his dancers and they were very well trained!

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Guest checkwriter

One of his summer teachers, Irina Lebedeva, teaches during the year at one or two studios on Long Island (NY). She is a good teacher and is very highly regarded.


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Guest balletmama

My daughter took a master class with Andrei Bossov when he was traveling in our area. I watched the whole class. The choreography was beautiful, very Russian, very interesting and fun. He was also a very courteous man who clearly loves his art. If his program were not *way* up in Maine, I would be extremely eager to send her there, and she would be just as eager to go.

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I guess I am living proof in this program. After several summers, we relocated our family to allow our daughter to train with Andrei year round. Not for ONE moment have I regreted this decision. The program, both summer and year round is top notch. In addition to Andrei and Irina, already mentioned, Natalya Getman, recently finishing a tour with the Moscow Ballet has joined the year round staff in addition to the summer intensive. This place is worth a 2nd, 3rd and 4th look if you have a dancer who really WANTS to work and grow. biggrin.gif

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My daughter has worked (enjoyably) with Natalya Getman during her Moscow Ballet tour, including taking an extra master class with her. It is way up in Maine, but not an undoable drive for us.


Thank you all for your input. This type of feedback helps when trying to decide who to trust with my child, and where to lay out the $$.

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My daughter and 17 other dancers from Bossov Ballet Theatre are over there taking advantage of this incredible ballet opportunity - Dance Open Ballet Festival. Master classes have been wonderful, the city terrific and the experience seems, from all reports back to be "once in a lifetime". They have their own chance to perform tonight. (Actually, they should be doing that right about now, since it is 8:00 their time.) I will give more details when they get back since I know there is another opportunity for students to go there in April.


This group did the 7 day program, and from all accounts would have LOVED the extra 3 days!



Dance Open Ballet Festival

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Guest Jeannie

I had the honor of attending the dress rehearsal of the Bossov Ballet troupe's performance, yesterday at the Estrada Theater, on the Moika Canal. Despite the chilly temperature in the auditorium, the dancers looked fantastic in a work of épisodic rememberances'set to Chopin, by Andrei Bossov! It included some very romantic pas de deus. Very clever, musically-sensitive choreography. I wish that I could have seen more.


I'm sure that it was a success in the performance, last night. Unfortunately, it conflicted with 'Jewels'at the Mariinsky, which I was committed to review.


I saw the Bossov dancers all over town - at an Esmeralda at the Maly Theater last week, and a couple of times at the Mariinsky. I heard that they visited the Hermitage and the palaces at Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin)...my personal favorite among the five great suburban-palace sites around this city! They saw the best. This must have been an enriching experience for all of them.

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Just moved to Pittsfield for dd to train with Andrei, Natalia, and Irina et al. Wa Who! :yes:





Sammie Please email me asap reuterdawn@hotmail.com

Have met and talked with KL-L. We bought the Susi's house.

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Un-official news from Bossov Ballet Theatre-


March 24 through 30 a group of dancers from BBT went to St. Petersburg, Russia for the Fourth Annual International Dance Open Ballet Festival. The group participated in a variety of activities during the week. The advanced dancers performed two original pieces, choreographed by Andrei Bossov, at the Estrada Theater and were well received. The festival participants took Master Classes during the week at the St. Petersburg State Academy Theatre Ballet. On two evenings they attended the performances of Les Sylphides and a Ballet Gala of Variations and Pas at the Mariinsky Theater. The group also visited the Hermitage. Dancers age eighteen and older had the opportunity to audition for admission to Vaganova Ballet Academy's international program. Two BBT dancers were accepted. Another highlight of the trip was that BBT dancers made new friends with other young dancers from Poland, Greece and Italy.

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More unofficial news from Bossov Ballet

Exams were today. We watched levels 3,4, and 5. It was very powerful. all of the students have progressed well. The men were particularly good. Their jumps blew me away.


The seniors and other departing students were acknowledged, all of which have been offered apprenticeships and/or company positions. One student, after many other offers and scholarships, was accepted and has decided to attend Vaganova Ballet Academy.


I have to say the most powerful moment was when Mr. Bossov put an arm around the necks of the two young men, that would be leaving, and in a wordless expression of love wished them well on their new adventures- mentor to protégés.

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