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We are officially moving to Pittsfield - I've accepted a teaching job at MCI and my daughter will attend Bossov year round. Does anyone know if there are scholarship programs for boys? I'd hate for my two boys to not continue dance, but I can't afford for all three to attend.


Also, we are looking at housing in the area. Many of the houses we had tagged to look at when we are up in two weeks just recently sold, so we are starting our search again. If you know of any leads within walking distance to MCI, please let me know. We've looked at a few that are still listed, but they aren't quite right for our family. We will be up in Pittsfield in two weeks to drop my daughter off at the summer intensive, and hopefuly look at more homes.

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I have a question-


How selective is Bossov if you board at MCI? I'm very interested in both MCI for academics and Bossov for ballet. Thank you!

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Boarding at MCI does not mean you will automatically be placed in the day classes at BBT. You might qualify for the top level or you might be put in a lower level that does not take the morning classes. Those are reserved for the upper level dancers.


MCI is an excellent school for both academics and ballet. I'd strongly recommend visiting and checking it out. Natalya will give you a very fair, honest evaluation.

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Absolutely. Natalya is an expert at placing students where they need to be for optimal growth. I think after the evaluation she would also be able to discuss a plan for progress with you. Do you have plans to attend the SI?

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Unfortunately, no. The SI runs the same time as CPYB and we already paid for CPYB. If I go to audition, do you think it is best to go now or after CPYB? Thank you so much for answering my questions, it really means a lot. It makes me so nervous thinking about this! haha

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I think the best thing to do would be to give the school a call and find out when they recommend you audition. If it were my daughter, I would have her audition in the spring so that we would be able to have enough time to make plans for the fall, but I really can't answer that for you. I'm sure the BBT administrators would be happy to talk with you.


Here is more information about the audition process for BBT at MCI: http://www.mci-school.org/page.cfm?p=674

Here is the contact email: bossovballet@mci-school.org and phone number: (207) 487-2282

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I'm wondering if anyone has any updated information on this program. My dd(15) recently went up to the school to audition for the SI, was accepted, and has been invited to consider the year round program. There doesn't seem to be a lot of information out there but what little I have found seems to be quite positive. As was dd's experience with the director during her two hour audition class... and the time we all spent with the director afterwards to discuss her evaluation, the SI, etc. Any and all information is welcome.

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My dd graduated from BBT at MCI last year after an incredible 4 years of high school there, both as a resident student and day student. Not only did the program help her to get accepted into 3 highly selective colleges (she took at least 7 APs while there, if memory serves, and many of her classmates did likewise - the ballet students as a whole seem to do really well academically, while also participating in a variety of other activities - in other words, a pretty well rounded high school experience), but she received much outside praise from people very well connected to the classical ballet world for being 'beautifully trained.' Again, many of her classmates have received similar positive feedback from outside sources. DD also had a great evaluation recently from the artistic leadership of the company she is training with right now. So in terms of the training, it is very solid, I believe, and whatever they taught her at BBT seems to have well prepared her for working in the company environment. Even though it is a Vaganova based program, the director really encourages the students to be versatile, and adapt to each occasion. When dd was taking an outside class last year a former NYCB dancer in it commented that she had evidently not trained exclusively with Russian teachers, and so was very surprised to learn that wasn't the case other than the odd class or summer experience here and there. Obviously, as with any program, the student gets out of it what they put into it. But the teachers there met my dd more than halfway once they saw she was willing to work, and I'd guess that is probably true for most of the students there.


DD loved/loves her teachers she studied with there to this day, and most of her classmates were on the same page in that respect. They are fiercely loyal to their teachers, and to each other, and that loyalty is reciprocated by the teachers. My dd feels that they are completely there for their students as human beings as well as dancers, and genuinely love and care for them. In the farewell to the seniors speech that the Director gave last spring, I noticed how careful the director was to make sure all her students (not just the ones leaving) felt that they were special to her. Listening to these speeches over the years, I noticed how good she is at finding what is special about each person and celebrating that. However, she is also very direct and honest with people. For the time dd was there, it was a very supportive, tight knit program. Dd still stays in touch with everyone, and can't wait to go back there this summer to reunite with current and former classmates. I wouldn't hesitate to send my dd there again for the ballet, academics, and overall growth she experience during her time there. While I no longer have any 'skin in the game' I do hope others will try this small program for themselves, as I believe it really is one of those hidden gems out there.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to respond LovesLabor. I'm happy to hear that your dd had such a positive experience.


Do you happen to know if dancers have to attend MCI to take full advantage of the ballet program? My dd is currently doing online high school and is very happy with her program. Plus, to be honest, MCI is simply not in our budget. I seem to recall Natalya mentioning that there were some dancers who did their studies online (perhaps took a few electives at MCI) but, since she was just giving me an overview at the time, I didn't question her further. Of course, if that were an option we'd now have to figure out her living situation. Perhaps there are host families much like they have at CPYB?


Never in a million years did I ever think I'd even consider allowing my high school aged child to live away from home for ballet. It's amazing how this journey has taken so many twists and turns. It seems like you just never know what tomorrow will bring.

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There are several dancers who do not live on campus who participate in the program. Full attendance at MCI is not necessary. There are a few who homeschool and take electives at MCI (French, art, drama, etc.) so I believe there must be a policy in place for students who choose this route. That said, I don't know of any who currently are boarding elsewhere as most of our off-campus students live locally with their families and commute. I know hosting has been done in the past, however. It's definitely worth looking into, as Bossov provides excellent training. I teach at MCI and regularly have ballet students in my classes - they are a joy to teach and very much a valued part of the MCI community.

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Thank you Birchbark.


Lots of things to consider, of course. I'll definitely look towards that discussion Natalya has encouraged. Obviously we won't know for sure if it's something dd would want to pursue until she's had the opportunity to live the life a little bit during the SI, but I'd like to have a good idea of the ins and outs of the program ahead of time. Just so that we're not feeling overwhelmed when it's time to actually make a decision.

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Congratulations to Bossov alumna Gabrielle Perkins on being promoted to Apprentice at American Ballet Theatre!! Go Gabby!! We're so proud of you!!

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