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I would like to also ask that you change your font and size back to default, mona lisa dancer. It is very hard to read :yucky:


Not moving to Maine is fine, but the discussion of your former teacher by name, especially in terms of the way he is discussed and the reasons you stopped taking from him, is not acceptable. Take it out, or I will take it out.


It sounds like you need a professional school, whether it is going away to a residency program or staying within your area.


This thread is about Bossov, and that is all it should be about. If you have other issues to discuss please take it to the YD board.

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I just discovered Bossov Ballet Performances can be seen online. Go to Bossov Ballet Theatre's updated website. http://www.bossovballet.com At the bottom of the home page click on the link to WMCITV, then go to archives, click MCI arts, Bossov Ballet Theatre and submit. A list of all the videos will come up. You can see two pilates classes, a documentary about Bossov Ballet Theatre, as well as the performances.

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Here's a review of Bossov Ballet Theatre's most receint performance. They had done this production before in June but this was done on Sept 17 only a couple of weeks after school started. Several of the dancers were new this school year and had to learn their parts in two weeks. They did great.



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Thank you for posting the link for the Seacost article or I would not have seen it. My DD was one of the new dancers at BBT. It was difficult having only two weeks to prepare. I loved the interpretation of the story. I enjoyed the show. I believe I heard that they will be performing Red Shoes again in the spring. :-)

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Invitations for attending the Bossov year-round program have been extended to this year’s SI dancers.


This post is for those parents who may be considering moving to the area while their DK trains at Bossov.


If as parents you have been or have wanted to be actively involved in your DK’s ballet school this school may not be a good match. In an effort to reduce parent politics the Bossov Administration has made a policy of limiting parental involvement.


Also by limiting parental involvement the dancers can become more independent and show more initiative, thus preparing them to work in a small company. They learn to do their own makeup, dress themselves, check each other, build and strike the sets, clean the dressing rooms, assist with costumes, etcetera.


Their primary focus is on the dancers. So if you are able to keep your DK’s ballet life separate from yours, you should be fine in relocating to school.

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What is the year round program like for a 15 year old who has been studying ballet since 8, 4 years on pointe? What time do weekday classes begin for high school students? How many hours of dance a day for those on professional track?


I think the independence idea really fits with the teen years and can be very good for a kid's self-confidence.

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I hope this doesn’t sound like an infomercial but I’ll answer your questions.


The ballet program basically consists of two parts: the day classes and the after school classes. Bossov Ballet Theatre is a contractor of Maine Central Institute. Bossov is contracted to provide ballet classes during the school day and then Bossov rents studio space from MCI for the Bossov after school classes.


The MCI school day is on a three day rotation of 6 periods. Ballet last year was second and third period, I believe periods are about 70 mins. A student would have a single period for ballet two days in a row and then the third day would be a double period. Technique is taught during the double period. One of the single periods is spent on either ballet terms or ballet history depending on the semester or company preparation for the seniors. The other single period day would be a conditioning class. Either stretch, pilates or floor barre.


The bulk of the ballet training takes place after 3:00 PM. The number of classes depends on the level the student is placed in. A typical day for my dd would be ballet history or technique class in the morning and then technique class and a pointe class in the afternoon. Some afternoons would be variations (en pointe), partnering (en pointe), or character instead of the pointe class. There was typically a 2 hour rehearsal mid week in addition to classes and a 3-4 hour rehearsal on Saturdays after lunch.


The fee for the day classes is part of the Maine Central Institute enrollment. Tuition for private day students is $10,000. Tuition, room and board for boarding students is $32,000. Financial aid is available and ballet students are strongly encouraged to apply regardless of income. Public school students living in the Pittsfield school district attend MCI in exchange for their property taxes.


After school classes are intended for both boarding students and community students. The after school classes last year were $38.00 per class, per month or $265.00 per month for unlimited classes. The unlimited class enrollment is the best option for intermediate and advanced dancers. Enrollment is for 10 months.


The website for Bossov is http://bossovballet.com/ The website for MCI is http://www.mci-school.org/

Col. Wyly is always happy to take phone calls about the program his number is (207) 487-6360

I'm happy to answer any questions also either here or through PMs.

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Wow!!! Thank you so much for the detailed information. We live in Maine, and have been wondering about this school for a while now. Once again, thanks so much for taking the time to tell us about Bossov and MCI.

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I know it is a little late for my reply, however I will post just the same. My dd is a year round, residential student at MCI. Presently, in her second year. Vicarious did a great job of outlining the BBT Dance Program. If anyone has any questions relating to MCI as a residential program, feel free to send me a pm.

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Today was exams for the level 5 dancers. Afterwards the ballet acting class performed their own story ballet "The Princess and the Pea."


They have been working on this for several months. Andrei gave them some tips and helps along the way but it was mostly the students' own creation. First all the students presented ideas for a ballet and "pea" was the one chosen. Next they wrote the story in ballet story format. They determined each sceen. Next they each searched for music and then as a group chose which pieces would go with each sceen and variation. Then they worked on the choreography. All the while planning the costumes, props and set. Some of the sets, props and costumes were their own and others belonged to the school.


It was so cute and funny. I think it would be a perfect mini ballet (45 min.) to take to elementary schools in the area. So to the Bossov acting class of 2008, BRavo!

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Here's a new video about Bossov Ballet Theatre. This video was produced and edited by last year's valedictorian for her senior project. There are two parts.


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