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Bossov's website states only: Applicants must audition either by videotape or in person in our Pittsfield studios


Hopefully, vicarious will come along and provide a much better synopsis! :D

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Bossov Ballet is an amzing place. I visited the studio over the summer to check out the program. I took character class and ballet with Natalya, and her students were extraordinary. I was amazed at how incredibly high the dancers could lift their legs. Andrei and the other teachers really understand how to construct a dancer to become the best they can be.

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Yes, the audition is by video or in-person. It really doesn't matter which. They understand very well how difficult it is to come to Maine for an in person audition. Video auditions are evaluated equally as in person auditions. In fact the majority of dancers send in a video. The video does not have to be profressionally done. In fact they discourage that. They can see all they need to from a simple amature video. I think the give more detail on the video specs on the website but I think it's just the usual, some barre, some centre and some pointe (if you're on pointe). It's fine if you're not on pointe. They don't rush that. No need to send a performance video. There is no need to send a video for the one week program. Although I would recommend taking both the one week and the five week back to back if you can.

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Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't notice that this was the residence thread. Again an amature video is fine. The application for Maine Central Institute will also need to be filled out but Bossov will send that to you when they send their application and package. Sometimes Bossov will accept students mid-year but I know that right now there aren't any female dorm spaces for the rest of this year. It would be a very good idea to come up for the summer or at least for a visit so that you can get a feel for things. Look over my previous posts on this thread. I've rambled on quite a bit about the program. If you have any questions feel free.

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Thanks so much. I don't think that even if I could I would want to join halfway through the year, I think I would feel really awkward. I'll probably come visit later this year. =)

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Honestly we've been here a while and I don't know how they do it. I do know that they are very limited on the number of female dancers that can board. This year there are nine girls and they are full this year. My advice would be to apply now if you are interested. Three girls will be graduating this year. I believe the other girls will return next year. Bossov has not dis-enrolled dancers except for behavioral issues. So that means 3 spots will definitely open. MCI could make available more beds for dancers but I have no idea if they will. MCI also has a large ESL program with a large Asian population, so they need to insure there's housing for those students as well.


Bottom, line apply now. This is a very small ballet program with a very low student teacher ratio.

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My children do. We moved up here. DD is an advanced student. She is a junior this year. She's trained here for five years.

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