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My DD danced with Bossov for 4 years and I can't recommend the program highly enough. She would still be there, likely, if we had not moved for other reasons. Bossov, Natalya and Col Wiley are highly professional, excellent artists and people of the utmost integrity and character. Best wishes to all who consider dancing with the Bossov program.

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I know this question may seem odd, but when sending in a video audition for their program, is it mandatory to film it in a ballet studio?

Would it be alright if it were filmed at home, or is a studio the better choice?


Also, if it's appropriate, are they're any audition videos dancers would be willing to send for my viewing?

I have been dancing for around 5 to 6 years and want to know if I have a chance to make the program, although I'm confident in my abilities, I'm skeptical to whether I'm good ENOUGH yet.

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I would like to add to this thread, for anyone still wondering about Bossov - it is a wonderful place! Dance is honored there. Integrity, kindness, great inspiration - all these things permeate the atmosphere. My DD spent her first away summer intensive there as a young 13 year old. Colonel Wyly takes a personal interest in each family. We will miss Bossov this summer!

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Marie Isabella,

If you are on pointe it would be unsafe to do your video someplace other than a studio or on an appropriate stage. If you can't do the video at your home studio perhaps you could do it at another one.

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Here's the news on the class of 2009


Several dancers were accepted to Mt. Holyoke, Dartmouth, Brown (lots of other Ivys).

Two were accepted to Boston conservatory.

At least one that I know of was accepted to Butler and Tish.


Here's where they (all female) actually went:

2 to Smith, 1 to Hart, 1 to Swarthmore, 1 to Nursing school, 1 to a company trainee position


Three of these were commuters. The commuters and the MCI students had comparable or the same acceptances.

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Update on graduates. 1 junior to a company trainee position.

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My DD has a close friend who is very interested in the year round program. I'd love to hear from some current parents on this program - either posted publicly or via PM.

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I've posted a lot here and I hope that you've read those. The only thing I can add is that there is generous financial aid for students who board at MCI. Also several students have accepted the invitation to next year. I do know beds are limited. I have no idea how many spots may be available. This is the last week of the summer program and invitations are made. I'd act fast if she still needs to audition. I do know they have more spots for boys.

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There are girls for each grade 9-12. There are also commuter students in that age range. The Dorm co-ordinator for the girls dorm is a ballet mom and her daughter will be a senior.

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If financial aide isn't quite enough to make it work in the dorm, ask them about the Ballet Host Home right next to the campus that has one or two spots left for this year. Even when the full tuition and Ballet classes are paid for, the room and board at the Ballet House is a huge savings for families, but offers alot of personal pluses like meals that accomodate after school classes and rehearsals.

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Quick news. I had the pleasure of attending Maine Central Institute's semi annual piano recital. MCI is the residence of Bossov Ballet Theatre. I was happy to hear one of the dancers playing "Dying Swan" and reminiscing on my DD dancing it two years ago at Bossov. MCI offers 5 piano classes a day. They have a very diverse population. I enjoyed hearing the post-grad basketball students (who are preparing to attend NCAA schools) cheering on an Asian ESL student who was playing, the star football quarter- back playing in his first piano recital, and all the other students both local (including my son) and boarding. MCI offers the environment of a traditional high school with football, prom, along with ballet and other unique features. There are students representing about 30 nations. There are school day music lessons where a student may miss part of one class per week to have an instrument lesson. It has a very large ESL program. It is exciting to see the non-dancing boarding students arrive at the Opera House in the next town to watch and encourage their classmates in the ballet performances and the ballet dancers whooping and screaming at the sports games. It's lovely seeing the dancing and non-dancing girls get together for hair and makeup before the prom. MCI provides classes for the jobs bound public school student, college bound classes and AP/Honors classes. The music and theater programs have won many state awards. The school has a lot to offer in addition to ballet.

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My DD is interested in applying to MCI/Bossov year round. It really does sound like students who attend are fortunate enough to get the best of both academic and ballet worlds We are undecided about whether she would board there or, alternatively, I would relocate with her and rent. Still mulling it all over.


I believe some earlier posts have mentioned Bossov students relocating to Pittsfield with their family and attending MCI as a day student. Do you have any general information about the rental market in Pittsfield, such as are places readily available?

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