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The dance store in the town has several names and phone numbers for you so you can research your options further. The store phone number is 207 487-8040.

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Your welcome. Making a big decision like that you need to get as much information as possible. If you can be with your child and offer the parental support by being there...it is by far the best option. Balancing both the Vaganova program at Bossov and the college prep academics is very challenging, but in the end worth it.

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Relocationg is the least expencive option if employment isn't an issue. Take the time to shop around for a rental. If buying is possible, houses are much cheaper here than other places in the country and the selection is good. Heat/insulation is a serious consideration whether you're renting or owning.

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Just a few questions about Bossov:


1. Why is relocating the least expensive?

2. If a parent relocates with their child, do they attend MCI as a local, meaning free (as it is the local high school)?

3. Is the ballet program then free as well?

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The purpose to relocating should be all about what is best for your student and the family, and the expense is then the next consideration. Yes it is true that if you relocate to Pittsfield, Maine, attending MCI is free tuition because it does serve as the district's high school. If you purchase, there are of course property taxes and winter fuel considerations. The Bossov program after school is a separate fee like any other ballet/dance school. Ballet classes during the day are a free inclusion of the school's program and the students earn credits for the classes.


MCI and Bossov often offer scholarships to reduce the fee at the school for dorm living. Although it is a viable choice for some, having had two DD's through this program over eight years, and seeing all the aspects involved, I am relieved that our choice was to move here and to be the emotional support to our DDs. Many other families have also done the same, some have maintained houses elsewhere but move here by renting apartments or houses for the school years, contributing to the culture of our town and region in many other ways as well.


At this time, the dorms are run by faculty who have been at MCI for many many many years...prior to the ballet program. The rules governing the schedules of the school and the posture of the "old school" isn't necessarily the best option for many dancers who don't find out about it until it is too late and the investment is made. Some dancers and families do all right and don't mind adapting to the "old school". MCI offers a rigorous academic program, so balancing the two programs can be quite an ordeal. The academic students who come to board at MCI deal with their academic challenges...period.


The savings in tuition is considerable if you move here. The challenge in moving here is to know your employment options can work here for you. All the options require a long further discussion. I hope this helps. I think it is good for you to talk with parents from both sides of the decision with students who have attended MCI/Bossov.

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When cosidering MCI, realize the school has four main programs. They are ballet, to be the local public high school, An ESL program, and a post-grad basketball program.


The ballet program is the smallest and youngest program. The ESL program draws students primarily from Asian countries but also some East-european countries.


The post-grad basket ball program is in co-operation with NBA sponcers to help potential pros increase their academic and SAT scores so they can be admitted to a NCAA college prior to going pro.


The local student population makes up the majority of the enrolement. With them comes athletics, arts programs, and classes available for those who are not college bound. Unlike many performing arts or ballet schools, students have the opportunity to attend football games, go to prom and all that other "High School" stuff. Free piano lessons are taught 6 periods per day. Unfortunatly there is not a strings program. Driver's Ed is also offered.


There is a lot of exposure to Asian people and cultures. Last citizens day i attended there were 41 nations of the world represented by the student population.


Lastly in terms of ballet. DD, now pro, still raves about how exacting Mrs. Getman is with the Bossov corps and how clean they are.

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kikiswede and vicarious - thank you both for providing such detailed and helpful responses. I am in the information - gathering stage of this process so really do appreciate your insight and and accounts of your own experiences with MCI/Bossov. We intend to arrange a visit over the next month or so. It will be great to see the town and campus as well as the school in session!

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Best of luck to you on your visit. It is very helpful to see everything in action. Stop by and say hello to all of us at the dance wear store in town. I will introduce you to a variety of parents.

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Hi kikiswede - I can't pm you and wanted to ask your advice on a couple of things which aren't really relevant for this board. I am posting my email here for a short while in the hope you'll see this and email me. Many thanks!

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I was wondering if any one might email me regarding questions about the town. I have read through the threads and like what I have seen. I have also spoken to them at the studio. I just have soome questions about Pittsfield and MCI. Thanks

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I can try and help answer your questions. If allowed...klordlinde@msn.com.

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Bossov caught the imagination of my dd as a summer program destination. I was on a quest for a new year-round school as she prepares to enter high school next fall. From the descriptions you have provided here, and from the website and videos I've looked at, this seems like the kind of school that would be a dream come true for my dd! Not sure that we could make it happen financially, logistically or even if she would have enough talent to be selected, but I now have a mission!


When I earn pm privileges here I would love to 'chat' with parents who currently have children there year-round.


Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

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