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Thanks for responding Narthaki. Do you know if the RAs are the same for the summer as the school year? Has your daughter ever had issues with the RAs in general? In regards to previous comments about the school/dorm RA not understanding a dancers needs, do you know of any specific examples? I remember the comment about not being able to see the dollar show during the week, but what about rehearsal times, etc. Does that interfere with curfew times? Any other specific examples of problems that come up would be appreciated. Is your daughter able to eat healthy (even if not with much variety) in the cafeteria every day?

On another note, I'm curious as to whether or not anyone came to Bossov dancing less before he/she arrived, and if it was difficult in the summer (or even the school year) to build up to the full day of dancing followed by nightly rehearsals. My daughter dances no more than 3 hours/day right now. Thanks again!

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Narthaki, how many ballet girls are in the dorm this year? There use to be a dozen or so give or take.

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I would appreciate any feedback on the afternoon program that Bossov offers for community students. My daughter will be 11 this year, and has completed almost 8 years of pre-pro training. Would there be enough afternoon classes for her, or would we need to fill in days at other studios? Is it possible for her to attend some of the morning classes if she were homeschooled or are those only open to MCI students?

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Danceeva, I would contact Mike Wyly with those questions - he's very approachable, and happy to help.

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For current information on Bossov Ballet Theatre please feel free to contact me -[. . . ]

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Anxiously awaiting further word from MCI Head of School and newly named AD Natalya slated for after 8/11/13. Perhaps Vicarious could direct us to a public source of information?

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Bossov student accepted to Vaganova. I don't think this news about Bossov Ballet Student Gabbie Perkins was posted on BT4D. Congrats Gabbie and parents. http://www.kjonline.com/news/Messalonskee-student-selected-for-St-Petersburg-ballet-academy-.html?pagenum=full

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